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VOX II Starter Kit

VOX II Now Available

Stunning design meets breathtaking innovation with the game-changing VOX II 50 Watt MOD starter kit. Limited introductory offer available.

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    Reserve Collection

    the ultimate vaping experience

    The richest flavors and most intensely voluminous vapor production you’ve ever tried are now available in our new Reserve Collection.

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Choose Your Strength

You pick the level of nicotine you want to vape.

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Choose Your Flavors

Mix and match up to three flavors from our huge list of tasty e-liquids.

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How do vaporizers work?

E-cigarettes and vaporizers have taken the world by storm by allowing all the pleasures of traditional smoking without the bad breath, stinky clothes, tremendous cost, and harmful effects of tobacco.

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“I cannot speak highly enough about these awesome products from VaporFi. I had wanted to get into better e-cigarette models for a while, and in doing my research I learned about this company. It’s great to see this kind of performance; my enjoyment of vaping has increased 10-fold!” read more - Liz R. Dallas, TX

“I am a vapor connoisseur, and these are top of the line. I am not only pleased with the selection of excellent battery models, but how powerful they all are. 2 thumbs up for the great flavors- not many brands out there give the option of blending them yourself, and this takes things to another level!” read more - David L. New York, NY

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