If there’s one thing you can always find in the vaping community, it’s an opinion. Tons of people are willing to give their advice and share their stories with newcomers to the scene, but not all advice is actually helpful.

In an effort to weed out some of the worst offenders, here’s some of the most common pieces of bad advice that new vapers are usually given:

  • “You need to buy the most powerful device available.”

    There are lots of people in the vape community who find true joy in the experience of learning a new device and seeing how far they can push it. However, if you are just a beginner, the reality is that you don’t need to overspend, or buy the latest toy to hit the shelves. Instead, you should seek advice from your local VaporFi store associate on a good entry level option to get you going. This will allow you to get comfortable with vaping, and work your way up at a pace that fits your needs.

  • “You should build your own coils.”

    Again, many veteran vapers love the control they get out of building their own coils, and many people
    push the idea of building your own because of the cost savings. If you are trying to quit smoking to save money, the allure is all there. However, this can also be a very frustrating process, and you need a thorough understanding of Ohm’s Law to do it safely. Take your time learning the science before you attempt to wind your own.

  • “Get the highest nicotine available.”

    On paper, most e-liquid manufacturers make their products with varying amounts of nicotine. Each one is labeled according to its equivalent in the traditional cigarette world: ultra-light, light, full flavor, etc. Interestingly enough, many people find that they actually need less nicotine in their vape than they did in their cigarettes due to the way the nicotine is absorbed in your body. So next time somebody tells you to go for higher nicotine be warned, because it may take less than you think to hit the spot, and too much could make you sick. Instead, start with a middle-ground nicotine content and adjust up or down as needed.

  • “Don’t worry about keeping extra batteries in your pocket.”

    Plenty of vapers talk about having a spare set of batteries on the charger, or carrying extras in their pocket, however not everyone is talking about the importance of taking care of those batteries properly. Having a spare set of batteries is always nice, but not if they discharge in your pocket and cause injury. Never leave batteries unattended on a charger, especially once they are fully charged. If your device has a built in battery, make sure that it is safe from being accidentally fired or from tipping over while on the charger. Your local VaporFi vape shop sells carrying cases specifically to protect your gear and your batteries from accidents.

  • “It’s just like smoking, only safer.”

    While vaping is generally regarded as a safer alternative to smoking, it is only as safe as you make it. Failing to learn how your device works, and not taking proper care of it can present their own risks. Additionally, while VaporFi offers a variety of e-cigarettes and vaporizers that closely mimic the look and feel of cigarettes, it takes a little while to learn how to draw on them correctly. Coordinating your firing button with your draw and finding the proper e-liquid and settings can take some time. Saying that it’s just like smoking can be discouraging when new vapers realize that they don’t like the first flavor or device they chose, and it can be hard to give it a second chance after a bad experience.

  • “Cleaning your vaporizer isn’t that important.”

    Your tank needs to be cleaned on a regular basis along with your drip tips. You should also be changing your wicks and coils regularly to keep from getting nasty burnt tastes in your vape. The way you clean your device will have a big impact on the life of your equipment. Some people recommend cleaning with alcohol while others use warm soapy water. Make sure you read up on several different methods to find one that works well with the materials used in your device, otherwise you can cause cracking or other damage that you will regret.

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The most important thing for you to remember is to do your homework before you buy. Head down to your local VaporFi shop, or visit us online, and speak to a professional who can help you pick the right combination of devices, accessories and e-liquids to get you started.

Take the time you need to learn proper care for your device, and to find the right nicotine level for your needs. Don’t go overboard until you are really familiar with vaping technology and know what you’re after.


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