What to Look for When Buying a Vape Online

What to Look for When Buying a Vape Online

Reading Time: 4 minutes Vaping has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon. Something that simply started as a safer, healthier alternative to smoking has become the new trend. Are you one of those who recently switched to vaping, and are now considering upgrading to the next available vape or mod

Vaping Illegal Synthetic Drugs

E-Cigs & Vaping Illegal Synthetic Drugs

Reading Time: 2 minutes E-cigarettes and vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular among those who are sick and tired of puffing on the same old tobacco cigarettes and being exposed to harmful chemicals. While many people are trying to find an alternative to traditional cigarettes that is cheaper and better

A Guide to Dual Use Vaping - VaporFi

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Dual user” is the title given to those who choose to supplement their e-cigarette smoking with traditional cigarettes. This practice is more common than you might think, with 3 out of 4 e-cig smokers using both products. The question: why do people choose to do

Just Like Momma Told You: The How and Why of a Clean Vaporizer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Without trying to sound like an overbearing parent who’s visiting your home for the weekend, you should really clean more. Yes, clean your bathroom more, maybe, but definitely your vaporizer cigarette. Why Clean? First and foremost, you should clean because you’re dirty. Don’t be offended,

Wear Your Vape Pride

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wanna look your best and strut your #VapePride everywhere you go? Wanna show the world just how dope your style is, while representing the hottest vapor brand out there? Get yourself one of our newest t-shirts to flaunt your love of VaporFi. It was a

Who’s Really Opposing E-Cigarettes?

Reading Time: 2 minutes No tobacco. No tar. No combustion. No smoke. No second hand smoke. No lead. No cadmium. No radioactive fertilizer. No smell. No residue left behind, and there are countless people who oppose electronic cigarettes, even with companies disclosing product ingredients and alerting their customers to

Why is My Vape Leaking? - VaporFi

Why is My Vape Leaking?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wondering why your vape is leaking? While it’s not the worst thing to happen while you’re vaping, leaks are pretty frustrating and disgusting. One minute you’re loving your custom e-liquid flavor and the next it’s all over your hands, in your mouth, or even dripping

New Vape Juice Flavors to Explore - VaporFi

New Vape Juice Flavors to Explore

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just a Public Service announcement here, letting you know what we’ve been up to in the flavor department. As one of our specialties, and something we are so down with offering a myriad of, we like to keep things fresh. And we’re not just talking

VaporFi's Beginners Guide to Vaping

Beginners Guide to Vaping – Where to Start

Reading Time: 2 minutes Awww, you’re a sweet novice vaper, who has just broken away from the shackles of cigarettes and wants to learn how to start vaping! Wanting to save some money, experience the freedom of vaping, and try out the effects of that nicotine-laced vapor, you have

The Truth About E-Cigarette Advertising - VaporFi

The Truth About E-Cigarette Advertising

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since the inception of the electronic cigarette era, the anti-tobacco and anti-e-cig proponents have barked the rallying cry of this industry following precisely in the footsteps of tobacco, and setting their aim on children. Specifically by using e-cigarette advertising and candy-flavored products to lure in

The Dreaded Dry Puff

Reading Time: 2 minutes The dry puff is a dreaded phenomenon when you use an advanced vaporizer. It is an occurrence all vapors look to steer clear of, and avoid at all costs. Want to know more about what dry puffs are and how to keep them at bay?

Vape Maintenance - How to Take Care of Your Vape

Vape Maintenance: How to Take Care of Your Vape

Reading Time: 2 minutes Caring for your vape is a big deal, you need to take proper care of it if you want it to last any decent amount of time and give you the kind of performance you’d expect from it. Here is a vape maintenance cheat sheet