Best Mango Disposable Vapes 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Discover the best mango flavored disposable vapes from top brands like HYVE, Meta Drop, Airbox and Esco Bar.

Best Blueberry Disposable Vapes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Explore the best blueberry flavored disposable vapes from top brands like Esco Bar, Smok, Air Bar and more.

Top custom vape juice blends

Top 10 NICTECH DIY Vape Juice Blends 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gone are the days of having to mix your own custom vape juice by hand. With NICTECH Custom DIY Vape Juice Blends you can create your own e-juice online and have it shipped directly to you. It’s never been easier to craft the perfect mix,

Top Synthetic Nicotine Vape Juice Brands

Top 5 Synthetic Nicotine Vape Juice Brands

Reading Time: 3 minutes Experience a more pure flavor with synthetic nicotine vape juice. Try one of the top 5 non-tobacco nicotine brands from VaporFi.

synthetic e-liquids

What Are Synthetic and Non-Tobacco E-Liquids?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What Are Synthetic and Non-Tobacco E-Liquids? Throughout vaping’s incredible rise in popularity there have been many truly game-changing inventions and innovations. The latest technology that has seen a meteoric ascent is synthetic/non-tobacco e-liquids. So what are non-tobacco nicotine (aka NTN) e-liquids? Well to explain, we


Reading Time: 3 minutes When you visit us online here at VaporFi, you can always expect the latest and greatest in vaping technology. With so many brands and options out there in the vaping world today, it can be hard to sort through it all, and our variety of

Nictech™Custom Blend: Non-Tobacco Nicotine E-Liquids and Salts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every vaper is unique and desires something different from their vaping experience. There’s no one-size-fits-all vape juice for everyone. If you’re looking to take the next step in personalizing your e-liquid to fit your exact specifications, you’re in the right place. VaporFi offers NicTech Custom

Top 10 Vape Blends for Summer 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Relaxing and Vaping in the Summer There are few things in life better than kicking back on a warm summer night with good friends, ice cold drinks, and smooth pulls from your vape.  But are you really making the most out of your summer vaping

make e-liquid last longer

How to Make E-Liquid Last Longer

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2020 has presented a variety of challenges to the vaping community. With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting the accessibility of in-store vaping products. Many vape stores have been forced to close or limit sales. For people who vape, this presents a challenge as many online shops

10 Best Tobacco Vape Juices & Brands 2020 - VaporFi


Reading Time: 6 minutes Vape juice comes in a huge variety of flavors, with thousands of combinations available through VaporFi alone, from the most realistic tobacco e-liquid to the fruitiest flavors you can find. With so many to choose from, building your e-liquid collection can be one of the

Get Ready for Some Heavenly Coco with June’s Blend of the Month!

Reading Time: 2 minutes This month, we’re taking you to heaven with the Blend of the Month! Get ready for a decadent treat, combining a deliciously rich range of flavors into one refreshing blend. June’s Blend of the Month is Heavenly Coco, and once you try it, you’ll be

June’s Contest-Winner is Smokin’ Crackers!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Holy smokes! This month, our Contest Winner has served up some seriously tasty vapor and we hope you’re ready to sample the goods! Smokin’ Crackers is this winner this time around and when you experience the flavor, you’re going to be mind-blown by how wildly