Chocolate E-liquid will take all your troubles away!When you crave chocolate (and who doesn’t?) why go after the real thing when you can indulge guilt-free by vaping? Our endless list of chocolate e-juice flavors, VaporFi Top Blends, and infinite possibilities available with our custom blends, if chocolate is on your mind, here are the best picks to scratch that itch! Being able to vape with all that rich, sweet flavor makes enjoying it all the more pleasurable. You can never have too much, and you get to savor it anytime you like. Vaping is great like that; it opens up infinite possibilities, without holding you back from getting your fix. So if chocolate is what you desire, let us make it happen!

For starters, if you want a straight-up chocolate, no frills and no fuss, go with Chocolate Delight. It’s simply the best; simply chocolate. But don’t let the simplicity fool you; this is as delicious of a chocolate e-liquid you’ll find. While it blends elegantly, it stands on it’s own perfectly.

Top Blends

Choco Java: the brilliant combination of Chocolate and Coffee will truly satisfy all of your cravings for rich flavor.

Frozen Banana: a frozen treat that combines chocolate and vanilla with the bliss of bananas.

Amaretto Truffle: sensuous amaretto and rich chocolate create an unreal taste that comes damn close to perfection!

Decadent Dip: strawberries dipped in creamy chocolate; this one will really make your mouth water!

Now, if you want to get creative, remember that our single e-liquid flavors can be blended with others in so many variations to create the best e-liquids around! Some of our pics for awesome chocolate e-liquid blends include:

Chocolate + Hazelnut for a Nutella-inspired twist.

Chocolate + Mango for a tropical-infused treat.

Chocolate + Cuban Cigar for a decadent take on the richness of cigar tobacco.

Chocolate + Orange Crush for an Italian-inspired treat.

Chocolate + Cherry makes a very daring dessert.

Chocolate + Root Beer for a flavor that is similar to a float, only more bold!

Are you a chocoholic? If YES was your answer, this post was meant for you! Because when it comes to vaping and chocolate, these two worlds collide in the best way with our insane lineup of chocolate e-liquid flavors! Chocoholics unite; tobacco has nothing on this spellbinding deliciousness!