Choosing the Right Vape Pen Cartridge

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One of the defining characteristics of the vape industry is its constantly rapid rate of innovation, with new and exciting products seeming to debut every time you turn around. While there are many positive things to say about the sheer variety of creative products and ultra-advanced vape creations, it’s also not surprising that many vapers elect to stick with tradition instead of getting swept away by the trends.

Rather than upgrading to the latest and greatest high-powered vape mod hitting the market, an impressive majority of vapers are loyal to e-cigs and vape pens, the devices that many consider the original pillars of the vape community.

Anytime you’re talking about e-cigs and vape pens, the topic of vape cartridges is bound to come up. If you’re fairly new to vaping, vape cartridges can seem like a complex category of vape products to dive into.

Many newbie vapers wonder how they can even begin to pick the right vape cartridge when they aren’t even sure what they are, how they work, or what to look for. To help make your vape shopping experience easy and stress-free, we’re covering everything you need to know about vape cartridges so you can make a purchase that suits your needs.

Cartridges for a VapePen: The Basics

What are vaporizer pen cartridges?

A vaporizer cartridge, also called a vape cartridge or ejuice cartridge is one element of a certain style of the vape device. Typically paired with simple vape pens and e-cigs, a cartridge contains the ejuice, or vape liquid, that will be heated and converted to a breathable vapor. Usually, they have a cylindrical shape and a threaded connection for easy attachment.

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What are the basic components of a vape cartridge?

A vape cartridge usually has a very straightforward design, made up of the following elements:

  • The mouthpiece is where you’ll put your lips to inhale vapor, and is located at the top end of the cartridge.
  • The chamber is where the vape liquid is located.
  • The atomizer is the device’s heat source, and is responsible for warming the e-liquid to the proper vaporization temperature.

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How does a vape cartridge work?

The cartridge is just one-half of the components required to actually vape and must be paired with a rechargeable battery in order to work. Together, these two elements will often resemble a traditional cigarette in size and shape but will emit vapor rather than smoke. Depending on your vape cartridge, you may be able to pick either a standard or high-capacity battery.

Once you combine the vape cartridge with the battery component, the vape experience can begin. The battery supplies power to the device’s heat source, which is the atomizer. The atomizer then heats the e-liquid in the cartridge’s chamber, until it becomes hot enough to vaporize. When it’s ready, you’ll simply place the mouthpiece between your lips and inhale the fluffy, cloud-like vapor.

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Are there different types of vape cartridges?

Yes. When you’re looking for vape cartridges for sale, you’ll find two main categories to choose from: prefilled and refillable.

Prefilled vape cartridges

They already contain e-liquid, and all you’ll need to do is attach a cartridge directly onto your device. When the liquid is gone, you simply dispose of the cartridge and attach a new one.

Your selection of flavors might be slightly limited, but you can generally find options intended to cater to many different tastes.

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Refillable Vape Cartridges

They are reusable, requiring you to manually fill each with your choice of e-liquid. Depending on the specific cartridge, you can expect to get about 5 uses out of each before disposing of. The easiest way to refill one of these types of cartridges is using a rubber-tipped syringe or dropper, which minimizes any spills or mess.

One of the most appreciated benefits of refillable cartridges is the freedom to use your favorite e-liquid, or mix up a DIY concoction that hits all your favorite flavor notes.

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The Benefits of Using Vape Cartridges

All major types of vape products come with their own unique advantages, and vape cartridges are no exception. Here are a few key benefits you can look forward to when you choose to go with e-juice cartridges:

  • Ease of use

Instead of putting time and effort into refilling your vape tank, you could be back to vaping in seconds with a prefilled cartridge. Designed to attach right onto your e-cig or vape pen, prefilled juice cartridges are the ultimate in vaping convenience. Even if you decide you prefer refillable cartridges, the refill process is often easier thanks to the rubber-tipped syringe or dropper you’ll use – no messy pouring necessary!

  • Portability

Prefilled cartridges mean you won’t have to carry around multiple e-liquid bottles when you want to take your vape set-up on the go. 

  • Versatility 

Not sure if you want to use prefilled or refillable cartridges? The good news is that you don’t have to pick just one. You can mix it up depending on your mood, which makes it easy to pick the option that’s most convenient at that particular moment.

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How to Use a Vape Cartridge

As you’ve learned, one of the defining features of vape cartridges is how easy they are to use. However, it’s still always a good idea to check a product’s specific instructions to make sure you’re using it properly. Most vape cartridges involve similar steps, including:

  • If you’re using a refillable ejuice cartridge, you’ll first need to select an e-liquid to vape. Then, using a rubber-tipped syringe or dropper, fill the cartridge with liquid. With prefilled cartridges, this step has already been completed for you.
  • Then, you’ll gently and carefully connect your cartridge to your device. Usually, the cartridge is threaded, screwing directly onto the battery portion of the device. 
  • Once both pieces are attached, you’re ready to power up and start vaping.

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Vape Cartridges: FAQs

Still have unanswered questions about vape cartridges and why they might (or might not) be part of your ideal vape set-up?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about vape cartridges we receive here at VaporFi:

What’s the difference between regular vape juice and vape cartridges?

Prefilled e-liquid cartridges do contain “regular” vape juice – there’s really no difference in the liquid itself. However, prefilled cartridges are already topped off with e-liquid, hence their name, and simply click onto your device and are disposable when empty.

In contrast, when you’re working with standard e-liquid and a vape device, you’ll be pouring the juice into the attached tank or reservoir. Keep in mind that if you’re using a refillable cartridge, you’ll also be manually filling it with e-liquid from the usual bottles. 

Each set-up has its own pros and cons, but each fulfills the same essential function, so choosing the right route for you boils down to personal preference. 

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How many hits in a 500mg cartridge?

It’s understandable that vapers want to get an idea of how long an average vape cartridge will last, but there are many different factors that can affect how many hits off a vape pen you can expect to get. The length of your drag (inhale) has a significant impact on the lifespan of a vape cartridge, as does voltage and wattage. Keeping those factors in mind, a 500mg vape cartridge may last you anywhere from 75 to 150 hits.

What should I look for in a high-quality vape juice cartridge?

Shopping for vape pen cartridges is fairly similar to shopping for regular vape juice, in that your vape experience can vary greatly depending on the quality of the product you select.

While you don’t necessarily need to purchase the most expensive vape products in order to have a satisfactory experience, it’s not usually a good idea to go for prices that seem too good to be true.

Cheaply-made vape cartridges could come with frustrating leaks, or those with prefilled e-liquid might end up having terrible flavor or vapor production.

Instead of picking cartridges based on price alone, try to choose a retailer and brand that you know has a solid reputation for quality. Check customer reviews to get honest feedback about the product, and don’t hesitate to contact a company’s customer service team if you have specific questions. 

What’s the best vape pen for prefilled cartridges?

If you’ve been vaping for any length of time, you’ve probably realized that there’s almost never a single answer to questions of the “best” device or product. Because personal preference is such a significant part of vaping, opinions on the top products can be all over the board. 

However, when you’re searching for vape pens to pair with prefilled cartridges, there is one that tends to earn positive feedback from just about every vaper who’s tried it – and we’re very proud to say it’s a VaporFi original. 

The VaporFi Express E-Cig is among the industry’s most frequently recommended pen-style vapes to use with prefilled cartridges. To be fair, we can’t say we’re surprised; an immeasurable amount of innovation, vaper feedback, and precision-level engineering went into every aspect of the Express E-Cig’s design. 

In addition to the device itself, our team took great care to craft top-quality vape cartridges that would exceed every expectation. With options for both refillable and prefilled cartridges, our goal was to create a convenient, user-friendly vape set-up that could appeal to all kinds of vapers – and according to our happy customers, it seems that we’ve succeeded. 

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Stock Up on Premium Vape Cartridges from VaporFi

When you think about all the benefits that vape juice cartridges have to offer – convenience, portability, and ease of use – it’s easy to see why so many vapers are making them a part of their everyday vape set-up. Make sure you take full advantage of the best qualities of ejuice cartridges by sticking with a reputable brand that you know won’t let you down. 

VaporFi is proud to offer an excellent selection of hassle-free vape cartridges in a great mix of delicious, premium flavors. This collection is part of the in-house VaporFi brand and made using our signature, industry-high standards for vape juice. Designed to pair seamlessly with the popular VaporFi Express E-Cig and other widely used devices, these versatile cartridges are the ultimate in easy vaping. 

Stock up on refillable VaporFi Express Cartridges or sample some of our prefilled blends, including top-rated flavors like Classic Tobacco, Chocolate Dream, Sahara Gold, Very Vanilla, Mighty Menthol, and Cherry Crush. Whether you prefer to fill your cartridges with e-liquids you already love or want the convenience of prefilled cartridges, you can find the best of both worlds right here at VaporFi. 

Discover why so many vapers consider vape cartridges a must-have part of their collection and check out your options for VaporFi Express Cartridges today.

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