We have got some really exciting news for you! We are expanding… expanding to include not just our own dynamic vape products, but we will now be including a massive array of third party vape products, covering the entire industry’s scope of well-made, top-quality, diverse vape gear from all of the best vape brands out there.

In a statement, our CEO, Nick Molina remarked: “VaporFi is committed to offering quality, variety and value, so it was a natural decision for us to carry third-party vaping devices to complement our own”. He furthered with: “We now boast an impressive and diverse hardware offering that goes hand in hand with the most robust juice blend portfolio in the industry with over 30,000 flavors”.

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Expect to see products from the following brands upon the first rollout:

Why Expand?

Because though we love doing our own thing, and offering the world our take on excellent products, the vape world only continues to grow and we really embrace this sense of unity. We have been a part of the evolving vapor products industry for many years now, and we look forward to continuing this presence for years to come, so in the process we are thrilled to now offer our customers the ability to get everything they could possibly want, all in one place.

We are all about growth, and we always have been. While we have been expanding the VaporFi brand and name across the world, with recent expansions of our retail locations in the UK and throughout the Latin American market, we are still very much dedicated to our place in e-commerce, which has always been the perfect way to reach vapers instantly.

We remain highly passionate in regards to our place in this market and we cannot deny how exciting of an industry it is wholly. We deeply respect the work of many other companies who have also done so much to propel the prominence of vapor smoking into the lives of tobacco users. Joyetech, Eleaf, Innokin, Smok, Tesla, Sense; these guys have been greatly influential in progressing the technology and innovation of vaping, and we are certain that including their products in our selection will only enable us to secure an even greater position, geared to serve our customers at the highest level.

The vapor products industry is gearing up for consistently rapid, double digit growth through the year 2025, when it is projected to hit the $50 billion mark. Taking advantage of the opportunity to represent the industry as a whole gives us further strength to keep our customers happy, while delighting them with the massive array of great quality items being created across the board.

What About VaporFi?

For those of you wondering if everything with VaporFi will remain the same, the answer is YES. Yes, all of our well-loved products will remain available. Yes, all of our 30,000+ vape juices will remain as they are, and ready for purchase. Yes, we will still stock our various accessories and add-ons that keep vaping with VaporFi gear a total breeze. And yes, our warranty protections, money-back guarantee, and 24-hour daily customer service will still be intact to keep the VaporFi experience the most optimal in the game.

So, come check it all out and explore the new selection of vape brands for yourself. Grab some gear, browse the many options, and above all, enjoy the excitement of the vaping lifestyle. From all of us at VaporFi, we couldn’t be more thankful for your loyalty, and we look forward to offering you the best vapor shopping experience out there.

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