maxresdefaultSwitching to electronic smoking and using vaporizers is different for every smoker. For many it’s an instant switch, an upgrade in every way, and a perfect lifestyle option that takes no time at all to get used to. For others though, it takes longer, sometimes months to really get into it, and fully switch. It’s a different, personal experience for everyone, so try not to get attached to any expectations. However, if you are interested in switching, or have recently done so, here are some tips to assist as you transition away from the smoke, to the cleaner, fresher, more delicious smoke-free alternative.

Tips For Switching to VaporFi:

  • Try different flavors; we’ve got 30,000 different single flavors and custom-blended e-liquid options for you!
  • Try different products, you’re more likely to find the perfect fit by trying what’s out there. Kinda like dating.
  • Embrace vaping as different; it won’t be just like tobacco, and that can be a great thing.
  • Embrace the technology. Electronic cigarette vaporizers are such an improvement compared to analog cigarettes, and they offer so many more positive attributes, such as not dropping ash, being able to charge them as opposed to dealing with fire, and not having to worry about how you smell.
  • For some people, gradually lessening the amount of cigarettes you smoke as you get the hang of vaping works really well.
  • While you may be mentally ready for a full-out switch, remember that your body may not be. Traditional cigarettes are loaded with chemicals, and when you switch to VaporFi e-cigarettes, which contain no chemicals and just a few inhalation-grade ingredients, your body may take some time to get used to this. You can assist yourself by drinking a lot of water to help flush those toxins out for good.
  • Perspective is your friend. If it does take you longer than you expected to switch completely, remember that you were most likely smoking cigarettes for a whole lot longer, and just be patient.
  • Get used to having a lot more freedom; you can use your vaporizer in so many more places than you could with cigarettes, and it is amazing!
  • Relax and enjoy it all! You’re more likely to be successful at switching if you are spending your time finding ways to enjoy it rather than stressing about it!