We are kicking 2017 off with a bang! We’re not celebrating for just a day, a night, or a week! Oh no, it’s a whole shebang we’ve got going on to welcome in the year! Whether you’ve got a killer resolution going to to make the switch to vapor, or you want to start the year on a healthier foot altogether, we’re going to help make those goals a reality with kick-ass savings! This is a fantastic sale, and you’ve got 25% off SITEWIDE to look forward to! Included in this sale is all hardware, which will be the perfect companion to making the switch. Are you ready to take this year head-on and make it awesome? Well, we’re here to support you!

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For those who are serious about making the switch to vapor, we’ve got everything you need. Resolutions may seem a bit cliche to some, but they are awesome, and they are indicative of having goals in mind and things to work on. If ditching tobacco for good, and opting for vapor instead is on your agenda, we congratulate you! Big kudos for taking responsibility for yourself, and keeping your best interests in mind. And seriously, making the switch has never been easier than it is now, with all of the great devices available out there, and all of the amazing options for making the vaping lifestyle work for you.

Our awesome 25% off sale is only on for a limited time, and we urge you to take advantage of it. All of our mods, vaporizers, vape pens, and e-cigs will be offered at great prices, so get on it and grab what you need! Tanks, atomizers, and all necessary accessories are also included, so get busy with your shopping! However, keep in mind, almost everything is covered on this sale, with exclusions on e-juices, cartridges, sale items, and gift cards. Considering how much money vaping saves over the cost of tobacco, plus the added savings of a vape sale like this, you really can’t use cost as an excuse for why you haven’t switched. Imagine making the switch and saving yourself a few extra thousand dollars this year! 2017 is getting better and better the more you think about it, no?

Vaping comes with an endless array of benefits and amazing perks. That’s why it has gone from niche industry to major lifestyle movement; it’s amazing and a highly enjoyable way to enjoy the essence of smoking, with no tobacco involved. You’ve got a ton more options to choose from, can customize it in so many ways, and enjoy a totally guilt-free experience. Options, freedom, cost savings, tons of fab flavor, the ability to use it in public without annoying anyone, and being able to gain total control over the process without feeling like a slave to tobacco. Boom! What more could you ask for?

We all know that January can be a major bummer, coming off the excitement of the holidays, partying, eating all the foods, drinking all the drinks, and enjoying all the vapor, however it’s not so bad. A new year means it’s a new start to get on with those goals you’ve got in mind, and making the switch now is the best time to do so; 25% off almost everything should be all the motivation you need. So get it in gear to conquer those resolutions! Imagine, one year from now how proud you’ll be if you make it a reality from this moment on? Do it for your health, for your savings, and most of all, for yourself. You deserve it. Happy 2017 from VaporFi!

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