New Years Resolution 2016New Year’s means big parties, blowing out the old year and ringing in the new with a major bang… setting your aim high to accomplish all those things that didn’t exactly materialize in the previous one… And establishing some firmly rooted resolutions. Are you committing to one for 2016?

Among all the top resolutions, you know, to get healthy, stop eating fast food several times a day, get fit, lose weight, be a nicer human being, go to church more, etc, stopping one’s usage of tobacco products is always at the top of the most popular resolutions list.

Perhaps of all the things one can stop doing, smoking is among the most difficult. Maybe it’s because cigarettes are just so easy to smoke and so extremely easy to purchase. And then there’s the feeling that feels good enough to put the negatives out of your mind when you’re in the moment of smoking; it’s a pretty crazy cycle! However, rather than embarking upon the massive undertaking that is halting your relationship with tobacco altogether, you may want to consider switching to vapor. That is, forget about the finality of leaving tobacco, and let your 2016 resolution be to switch to vapor.

Making the switch makes life simpler, easier, and replaces what you’re accustomed to about cigarette smoking with a similar alternative, minus the actual smoke. Same pleasure, lots more options, no tobacco.

The first thing to consider when deciding to switch is to purchase a starter kit. Like the name says, it’s a kit made for starting. We carry a wide selection of them, comprised around an enormous array of products that can fit the needs of anyone who vapes or is interested in starting. Here is a basic buying guide for the best kit to purchase depending on where you’re at:

So, let 2016 be the year you make the switch. You will be blown away by the results you reap, and if you do it right, you’ll never want breathe in the foul stench of smoke again! Life’s better on the vapor side!