A story out of Morecambe, in the United Kingdom, in The Visitor today shows that vaping can be a life-changing experience for those who have struggled to quit smoking for years. Faced with severe medical problems after decades of smoking, the couple in the article was able to use vaporizers to finally kick the habit and live healthier lives. 

The Breaking Point

Near the end of 2016, Carol Burkie underwent a series of surgeries to remove three toes from her left foot. Originally, only her middle toe needed to be amputated, but due to the negative health effects caused by smoking nearly 50 cigarettes per day, the damage continued to spread, necessitating a surgery to remove the other two toes.

Even after this surgery, Carol continued to smoke, allowing the damage to spread into the arch of her foot. It was then that her doctor told her point blank that if she didn’t give up her smoking habit she would lose her whole foot.
Shortly afterward her partner, Elvis Burton, was diagnosed with a condition called polycythemia, a disease that causes the blood to thicken until the heart is unable to pump it effectively.

Many patients with polycythemia suffer extreme heart attacks or strokes because of the blood thickening. He too was a longtime smoker with a habit that he previously couldn’t shake. 

Taking a Stand

With these extreme diagnoses on the line, the couple decided to give up smoking for good. Carol mentioned, “I had years of going through the NHS (National Health Service), trying to quit smoking and couldn’t do it.”

The NHS provides smoking cessation support through the use of counselors and online materials. They also network with doctors to help smokers get in touch with someone who can prescribe nicotine patches, gum, and other medical devices to help overcome urges.

Unfortunately, these products often don’t address the physical habit of having a cigarette in the hand or in the mouth, which can make it difficult for smokers to quit. 

Carol and Elvis decided to try vaping instead. They visited a local vape shop, purchased their own vaporizers, and have not had a cigarette since. Both report that they feel better, and Carol especially noted that the disease eating away at her foot has stopped in its tracks and her asthma is now under control.

They were happy to say that vaping made it possible to quit smoking by taking away the harmful chemicals without having to defeat the habit of puffing away after years and years of doing so.