Study: E-Cigarettes Are 95% Less Harmful Than Traditional Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes Less Harmful Than Classic CigarettesWhoa, is this common sense we hear being reported? Is it for real that a major source of governance, a legitimate recognized health agency is promoting the benefits of electronic cigarettes? Can this be a serious awakening, on a national level, that the major players are beginning to realize the possible benefits?

According to a report published recently in the UK, yes. The study, which was done by an agency of the British Department of Health, stated that e-cigarettes have been found to be approximately 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, and that makes them an effective option with the potential of assisting smokers in quitting smoking.

Considering the endless controversy, bans, and suspected regulations around electronic cigarettes that has occurred over the past few years, this report is a welcome sign of acknowledgment to the e-cigarette industry. Many brands have already begun self-regulating, seeing the importance of maintaining a sense of responsibility and accountability, in efforts of being ahead of regulations. The majority of brands in this industry see regulations, particularly those that ensure safety, quality, and keeping the products out of minors’ hands, as ultimately to their benefit and proof of legitimacy.

Health organizations have been keenly on the sidelines in the past, refusing to take sides and make any type of decision. The preferable stance has been to remain under the guise of “without enough research, and the lack of studies” in efforts to avoid advocating for these products, and in order to continue to sidestep the issue. The problem here is that time is proving the industry and its brands are exceptionally serious. Many are doing their own independent research. Colleges, universities, nations, doctors, scientists and many others who have legit titles are conducting research. And the time is coming where nations will not be able to dodge the reality much longer.

Professor Kevin Fenton from Public Health England, which was the source of the recent study stated: “E-cigarettes are not completely risk free but when compared to smoking, evidence shows they carry just a fraction of the harm.” Considering what traditional cigarettes are responsible for, in terms of health, this is tremendous news, coming from the health department of a first world nation.

Furthermore, the agency also acknowledged that the majority of the chemicals known to cause smoking-related illnesses are not present in e-cigarettes, and the most accurate estimate, according to current statistics, place electronic cigarette usage at about 95% less dangerous to the health than traditional tobacco smoking, according to the findings of the study.

Contrary to a 2014 World Health Organization report, this study done by the British Department of Health, found that passive inhalation, better known as second hand smoke, or vapor, was also much less detrimental. The report from 2014 was influential in regulating e-cigarette use indoors, and in sales to minors.

The bottom line here is that science is proving what this industry has long been suspecting; what this industry was founded upon. Remove the smoke and the tobacco, and replace them with safer ingredients, and scientifically speaking, your results will be more tolerable. We look forward to further research developments along these lines; keep up the good work, Great Britain!

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