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VaporFi Caters to Advanced Vapers with More Battery Options

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Attention vape enthusiasts, VaporFi has designed the best removable 18650 battery in the game today! Our new High-Capacity 18650 battery is a killer cell with some jaw dropping specs that you have to use to believe. Amps We’ve found the perfect formula for the

Senator Ron Johnson - The Pro Vape Politician

Senator Ron Johnson: The Pro Vape Politician

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all wondered what the future of vaping would look like under a Trump presidency, and it seems as though we can rest a little easier about it, all thanks to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson: the pro-vape politician. You’ve probably already heard of him –

The Ultimate Guide to Vape Cloud Chasing - VaporFi

Clasing Clouds: Competition Vaping

Reading Time: 2 minutes Advancements in e-cigarette technology have not only produced new and more long-lasting vaporizers, but it has also increased e-cigarette popularity. As activities become more popular, the natural progression is to show off one’s skill. This has led to what we in the vaping community call

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Everyday Vape & E-Liquid FAQ

Reading Time: 2 minutes For newbies, the world of vaping can seem rather intimidating. All these terms, all the slang when you just want a simple, straight-up answer to your vape questions. Maybe a few weeks down the road you’ll be fully fluent in vape lingo, and chatting in

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Vape Gift Guide for Her

Reading Time: 2 minutes Girls who vape are rad. And if you’re shopping for a certain lucky lady, whether she’s your mom, sister, daughter, BFF, or significant other, and you know she’s fan of top-quality vaping products, here’s our gift guide for her, specifically tailored to what the vaping

How To Fix Dry Vape Hits

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re just gonna say it: dry vape hits are the worst. If you’ve ever experienced vape dry hits feel free to mutter an “amen” to that statement. Perhaps you really have the hankering for an e-cig, so you pull out your device and start to

High-End Vape Mods: More Than Just Fancy Gadgets

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you are into alternative cigarette products you’re probably aware of advanced vaporizers, otherwise known as high-end vape mods. Regardless of what your opinion of them is, especially if you’re still using basic e-cigarettes, they have become insanely popular over the past few years. Nowadays,

Vaping at Work Policy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vaping is happening everywhere. You can easily spot people using electronic cigarettes and advanced vaporizers in all varieties of public places, all the time now. But how about vaping in the workplace? Are you vaping at work? How do your employers feel about e-cigarettes being used

Meet the New VaporFi VOX 50 Mod Starter Kit

Reading Time: 2 minutes We know you like power. We know you like performance. We know you like having your mind blown. Keeping this in mind, we have created, an advanced vaporizer like none other, and we are beyond excited that it is on the verge of launching. Ladies

How Millennials are Leading Vaping Popularity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Right now there millions of vapor smokers across America. According to a recent Forbes survey, the Millennial Generation seems to be the leading group in vaping popularity and the smoke-free movement. Audrey Durand