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Aspire Cobble AIO Vape Pod Starter Kit Product Review

Reading Time: 8 minutes Now that pod-style vaping has become one of the most talked-about trends in the vape community, it feels like new vape pod options are hitting the market every time you turn around. While early vape pod systems may have gotten a reputation for being better-suited

SMOK Trinity Alpha Vape Pod System Review - VaporFi

SMOK Trinity Alpha Vape Pod System Review

Reading Time: 8 minutes It might seem like just yesterday that the first vape pod systems hit the market, sparking interest in the vape community and redefining the idea of a vaping convenience. Now, there are countless pod mods and kits to choose from, offering features and styles to

A Powerful New Era: the VaporFi Volt 2 Tank is Here!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce a wildly exciting new product. We are always into shaking the industry up a bit, and we expect to do just that with this revolutionary little item. Small in size, but boy, what it will do for the vapor production when attached to your mod…

18650 Batteries - VaporFi

VaporFi Caters to Advanced Vapers with More Battery Options

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Attention vape enthusiasts, VaporFi has designed the best removable 18650 battery in the game today! Our new High-Capacity 18650 battery is a killer cell with some jaw dropping specs that you have to use to believe. Amps We’ve found the perfect formula for the

Spotlight on the Vox: 40, 50, 100W!

Reading Time: 2 minutes The VOX has been one of our flagship designs, offering a tremendous amount of innovation, performance, and really sick style, packaged into one badass box mod. Mods are a dime a dozen nowadays, and there are SO many options available. One thing, however, you will

The Ultimate Guide to Vape Cloud Chasing - VaporFi

Clasing Clouds: Competition Vaping

Reading Time: 2 minutes Advancements in e-cigarette technology have not only produced new and more long-lasting vaporizers, but it has also increased e-cigarette popularity. As activities become more popular, the natural progression is to show off one’s skill. This has led to what we in the vaping community call

Aphrodisiac Vape Juice Flavors for Valentine's Day - VaporFi

Aphrodisiac Vape Juice Flavors for Valentine’s Day

Reading Time: 2 minutes T-minus 9 days till V-Day, and we thought we’d get into the spirit in a most cheeky way: by talking about super sexy flavor. Aphrodisiac vape juice? Sure why not?! Because we all know, the way into most people’s hearts is not through the brain

How To Fix Dry Vape Hits

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re just gonna say it: dry vape hits are the worst. If you’ve ever experienced vape dry hits feel free to mutter an “amen” to that statement. Perhaps you really have the hankering for an e-cig, so you pull out your device and start to

Vaping at Work Policy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vaping is happening everywhere. You can easily spot people using electronic cigarettes and advanced vaporizers in all varieties of public places, all the time now. But how about vaping in the workplace? Are you vaping at work? How do your employers feel about e-cigarettes being used

Meet the New VaporFi VOX 50 Mod Starter Kit

Reading Time: 2 minutes We know you like power. We know you like performance. We know you like having your mind blown. Keeping this in mind, we have created, an advanced vaporizer like none other, and we are beyond excited that it is on the verge of launching. Ladies

Vape Battery Safety and Maintenance

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your batteries are essentials to vaping; you aren’t going to get far without one! They are your power source (obviously) and they are the most important part of the vaping pen. Today, the e-cigarette market is loaded with all types of different batteries, but the