Dry Herb Vapes vs Oil Vaporziers

Dry Herb Vapes vs. Oil Vapes

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re into vaping CBD or other flowers, here’s your guide to dry herb vapes vs oil vaporizers. See which you prefer!

Top 5 Best Vaporesso Pod Mods

Top 5 Best Vaporesso Pod Mods

Reading Time: 3 minutes Choose from one of the top 5 best Vaporesso Pod Mods available. Read each review to find the best rig for you.

vaporesso gen S

Everything You Need to Know About Vaporesso Gen S

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Vaporesso Gen S kit is a recently released upgrade of the Vaporesso Gen. It’s a high powered device featuring the new NRG-S tank, and a super sexy look available in twelve different colors. By the time you’re done reading this, the chances are high

FDA Collects Vape Battery Explosion Statistics - VaporFi

FDA Collects Vape Battery Explosion Statistics

Reading Time: 2 minutes After several notable news reports following vape battery explosions in devices, the FDA has turned its attention to these personal vaporizers in looking for answers. Now, the FDA is asking consumers to step forward and share their stories to collect vape explosion statistics. The Safety

VaporFi Website & Pricing Update

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello to our VaporFi family! I am humbled to personally connect with you to share some exciting VaporFi news through our vapor blog. Throughout my journey of growing VaporFi, one of the things I have always done on a daily basis, in addition to learning

18650 Batteries - VaporFi

VaporFi Caters to Advanced Vapers with More Battery Options

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Attention vape enthusiasts, VaporFi has designed the best removable 18650 battery in the game today! Our new High-Capacity 18650 battery is a killer cell with some jaw dropping specs that you have to use to believe. Amps We’ve found the perfect formula for the

Eversmoke E-Cig to Transition to VaporFi Brand

Eversmoke E-Cig to Transition to VaporFi Brand

Reading Time: 2 minutes For years, Eversmoke e-cigs have been a leading name in the industry. They were among the first companies to introduce large-scale manufacturing and distribution for entry-level e-cigarettes, as well as branching out their product line to include a variety of different flavor cartridges. They have

Vaping Illegal Synthetic Drugs

E-Cigs & Vaping Illegal Synthetic Drugs

Reading Time: 2 minutes E-cigarettes and vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular among those who are sick and tired of puffing on the same old tobacco cigarettes and being exposed to harmful chemicals. While many people are trying to find an alternative to traditional cigarettes that is cheaper and better

2014 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year: Vape

2014 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year: Vape

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Have you heard the word? The word ‘vape’, that is. Apparently vape has been chosen as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2014! Audrey Durand

How to Get a Smooth Vape Hit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Maybe you have been an e-cigarette smoker for quite some time and understand the term throat hit and why it is so important.  Perhaps you are new to this vaping experience and don’t really understand what a throat hit is. It sounds kinda painful, huh?

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage Explained

Reading Time: 2 minutes The topic of variable voltage (VV) and variable wattage (VW) tends to come up regularly on e-cig forum sites and in discussions between veteran e-smokers. In fact, when you start talking about ohms, volts, and AVPs, you know you’re officially turning into an “advanced vaper.”

Black Friday is Still On!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Black Friday happened the day after Thanksgiving, and we started early on Thursday evening, but we’re making the sale last through the whole weekend! Why make it short and sweet when we can keep it going through the whole weekend? We know this is one