summertime-cocktail-poolsideBBQ-ing? Grab your vaporizer. Pool party? Make sure you have your vapor cig  (away from the water!). Strolling in the park? Bring your vape pen. Outdoor concert? Get that e-cig on a lanyard ASAP! Dinner on the patio? Keep that mod handy.

Summer is totally upon us, and this is the season for being outdoors, enjoying the world, and having as much fun as possible! While summer is a season of extremes, and typically all about having fun, when you vape, it’s smart to keep a few things in mind for safety and having the best experience when vaping. Summer vay-cays and beaching it up are awesome, and totally better when you’ve got your vape pen in hand, so here are some tips for enjoying your vapor to the fullest while the heat is on!

  • Don’t leave your vaporizers or batteries in the car. Cars get really hot during the summer months, and all that pent up heat wreaks havoc on batteries and any devices containing them. If you want to keep them safe, keep them with you, and keep them cool.
  • Be prepared for unexpected adventures with an extra charger, extra e-juice, and an extra battery for when you’re out longer than expected!
  • Keep your goods in a storage case, they rock. All your vaping gear will be safe and organized.
  • Summer can often mean extreme weather, often changing at a moment’s notice- try to protect your vaporizers from rain and the heat.
  • Traveling? E-cigs and mods are much better travel companions than cigarettes, so take yours wherever you go!
  • Hitting the beach? Do your best not to get carried away having fun and leave your vaporizer out in the sun. While they have no vampire-like aversions to the sunlight, having advanced electronic components means they are much better off out of direct sunlight and stored safely in a cool, dry place.
  • Get yourself some summer-themed e-liquid flavors. If you aren’t aware, (haha!) we have an incredible selection of e-liquid flavors and custom blends. Some of our top summer pics include Summer Tea, Mint Julep, Watermelon Zest Candy Crush, Caribbean Escape, Summer Freshness, and Frozen Banana.

Summertime, and the living’s easy! Especially when you are having a good time and vaping. This summer, we hope you enjoy it all to the max with your VaporFi MODs!