blend of the month clubFlavors, flavors and more flavors! If you are really into flavor, you need to know about our Blend of the Month Club. We like to up the ante on vape excitement, and membership to this exclusive little club gets you a whole lotta flavor every month!

Want to try all the hottest e-liquids as soon as you can get them into your vape? Want to be the first to experience new e-liquid flavor blends? Always looking to be on top of the best flavors? If you’re a fiend for the tastiest e-juice, you are not alone! This club was designed with you in mind.

We love coming up with new flavors, as one of the best things about vaping with us are the endless flavor choices! So, with the 30,000 different possibilities that are available, we have a penchant for putting it to the test. Every month, we create a new one, and send it out to the members of the Blend of the Month Club so they can be the first to try it. You then get the option to critique the flavor and serve us feedback. Members also get access to exclusive discounts and rad contests the result in kickass prizes!

Custom blend e-liquids simply rock. They open up worlds of flavor options, and really give users the ability to have any thing they want. No longer are you limited to a dozen or so flavors picked out by an e-cig brand. If you’ve ever had a craving for something like chocolate strawberry cheesecake, double apple shisha, or lemon lime tobacco, you know how great it is to be able to have it when vaping.

This my friends, is why the Blend of the Month club exists. Because vape flavor is kinda important, and so many of you beautiful vapers can’t get enough! Join it for $14.99 monthly (with FREE SHIPPING too!) and you’ll get the flavor of the month delivered to your door before it hits the masses. Bet you’ll be drooling at the mailbox every month!