Dry herb vaping is a method for smoking dried cannabis, preferred by many for its intense potency. Another benefit is that vaping the herb eliminates the harmful combustion process, which allows you to avoid ingesting tar, carcinogens, and other toxic chemicals.

Dry herb vaping involves heating the herb to just below combustion, about 392 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, the flower’s resin, referred to as cannabinoids, release. This, in turn, creates a smokable vapor. This form of vaping requires a vape pen or vaporizer specifically designed for dry herbs, so it is important to select the proper type for a successful smoke.

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How to Use a Vape Pen

How to Use a Vape Pen_VaporFi
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Learning how to use a vape pen for the first time, particularly with dry herbs, doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Conducting an Internet search for “how to use my vape pen” or “how to use vape pen” will bring up dozens up helpful tutorials. Luckily for you, we’ve created a user-friendly guide right here.

With just five simple steps, you will be able to enjoy your very first dry herb vape:

  1. Choose Your Dry Herb of Choice. The first task is to select a high-quality dry herb. It’s important that you’re selective and choose a premium-quality herb that has not been mildewed. The higher-quality herb you choose, the purer vapor you will enjoy. Keep your desired experience in mind when you choose your herb, as each strain has specific properties that can have a range of effects.
  2. Grind the Dry Herb. Using a grinder, carefully break down the herb. This process encourages the release of the flower’s cannabinoids. There are both hand grinders and electric grinders available – whichever you choose is simply a matter of preference.
  3. Place the Ground Herb in the Vaporizer Chamber or Bowl. Now, fill the chamber or bowl with the herbs you have just finished grinding. The chamber is a piece that you can generally find near the top of the vape pen, right below the mouthpiece. You only need to fill the chamber about half full, because it is important to allow airspace for the dry herb to release its cannabinoids.
  4. Use the Vape Pen. The power button location will depend on your specific vape pen model, but it is usually pretty easy to spot. Once you turn on the vape pen, the heating process will begin. At that point, you will be able to vape the dry herb.
  5. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Vape Pen After Use. A good cleaning is just as important as any other step in the process, and keeps your vaporizer in excellent working order. You can use a vaporizer cleaning brush (many vape pens come with their own cleaning brush) and simply brush out the chamber.

These five steps are all there is to enjoying your first dry herb vaping experience! Now, on to another important topic: choosing and using your specific vape pen.

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The VaporFi Orbit

The VaporFi Orbit_VaporFi

The VaporFi Orbit is a popular dry herb vape pen that comes with everything you need to get started, and makes it easy to enjoy your dry herb of choice.

  1. Gently remove the mouthpiece.
  2. Fill the center heating chamber with ground dry herbs. Ensure you do not overfill.
  3. Push the mouthpiece back in, reconnecting it to the vaporizer.
  4. Use a quick motion to press and release the power button five times within two seconds. This will activate the vape pen, and the herbs will begin vaporizing shortly.
  5. Adjust the temperature as desired by pressing and holding the power button for three to five seconds at a time.

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The VaporFi Atom

The VaporFi Atom_VaporFi

The VaporFi Atom is a convenient, pocket-sized vape pen that is very simple to use.

  1. Open the vape pen and fill the chamber with your ground dry herb.
  2. Push the power button one time to turn on the device and begin the heating process. You will see the LED light turn white, and then turn purple to indicate it is heating up.
  3. Once the LED light turns green, you can begin vaping.
  4. There are three temperature settings that you can toggle between by holding down the power button for two seconds and then clicking through each option.

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Start Your Dry Herb Vaping Experience Today

Start Your Dry Herb Vaping Experience Today_VaporFi
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Now that you know all about the process for vaping dry herbs, you are ready to give it a try! At VaporFi, we sell a range of premium quality vaporizers for both dry herbs and standard e-juices.

We also carry other exciting vape products to provide you with the best vaping experience you’ll ever have. Browse our selection today, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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