6RjYNGiven its enormous influence the world over, the e-cigarette movement is more popular than ever. However, it doesn’t come without its detractors, and major ones at that. Criticism is always included with anything “new & improved,” but when the claims become misleading, there must be a voice of reason to make sense of it all.

Over the past year, the dominant exposure surrounding electronic cigarettes has been  focused largely on the sheer number of people who have transitioned to them from traditional tobacco. Nevertheless, in the summer of 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report that not only tries to ban the use of all vapor devices in public places, but also states that any and all forms of e-cigs may provide a gateway to – smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Haven’t we heard this before?

Of course! This was the #1 catch all as to why marijuana was considered SOOO dangerous throughout the 1970’s, and especially, during The Reagan Administration’s efforts to combat the war on drugs in the ’80’s. Miss “Mary Jane” was portrayed in such a way that anyone was an automatic candidate to usage of cocaine, heroin, meth.., you name it. So vaping, the latest alternative for smokers to turn to in lieu of smoking cigarettes, is now being viewed as an imminent threat, lurking in the corners, aiming to reintroduce us to the dark, smelly, costly world of tobacco? And for nonsmokers, who generally have no interest in vaping, somehow, are going to be lured into a tobacco habit as a result of exposure to electronic cigarettes? This bizarre theory just doesn’t add up, people!

Without question, the WHO is an internationally recognized organization whose stellar humanitarian track record towards improving the health, safety and welfare of all is widely heralded across the globe. Yet its willingness to promote such an inaccurate theory towards the e-cig community, much like what has wrongfully classified weed as a ‘schedule 1 narcotic’ for decades, goes against the very credibility they are looked upon by the masses for.

So, back to the gateway theory. It’s no more than a misconception, being misguided by the contradiction and misinformation of the WHO for such an unsubstantiated classification. Vaping is at best a wiser alternative; smoke-free and tobacco-free. Users turn to vapor to leave the tobacco behind; not the other way around. The only path it’s leading users down is the tobacco-free one.