VaporFi Artisan CollectionWe’re really well-known for our e-liquids, and it goes without saying how much effort we’ve put into crafting nicotine e-juice of epic standards. We offer dozens of single flavors that are rather kick-ass in nature, we offer the option of single or double shots to get the level of intensity perfectly suited to every vapor. We offer thousands upon thousands of possibilities with our Custom Blending, giving our users the ability to create virtually any flavor their taste buds and cravings can conjure up. And now, we have taken e-liquids to the next level with the launching of our Artisan Collection. Suffice it to say, e-juice is our thang.

Here is a look at what this exciting new collection entails… Each blend is a mysterious journey into flavor extremes, crafted to enthrall, with a an e-liquid base designed to perform. You’ve got to try these gourmet e-liquids, because flavor is something not to be messed with!

Northern Lights: Exotically fruity, refreshing, and light. Not overt in the sweet department, this flavor is balanced all the way through.

Moroccan Gold: Rich, exotic, and incredibly tantalizing, this flavor is reminiscent of bold flavors of the East.

Monkey Business: Monkeying around calls for some serious flavor, involving bananas and creamy custard. This one is rather indulgent.

Decadence: Sometimes the occasion calls for intense, chocolaty, nutty richness, and when you need to be overwhelmed, vape with Decadence!

Summer Lovin’: Summery fresh and oh-so delish, the taste of the summer is hard to beat!

Black Velvet: Rich and velvety, this is the taste of fun! Like your favorite bubbly soft drink, splashed with cherry, mmmm!

So in this light of seeking out the best and offering to you y’all, we decided to go further. And that, my friends is the premise behind our new Artisan Collection e-liquids. If you haven’t tried anything from this exciting new line, consider yourself forewarned: these flavors are unreal! Pre-Order is going on right now; the collection drops this week!