vz_battery_rebel_long_01_1Accessories are an absolute must when it comes to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. They take things to a whole new level, allowing you to have great convenience and freedom. Even if you are the simplest of e-smokers, having the right accessories can make your vaping as smooth as possible, and as easy as possible. So here is a look at our selection of vape accessories, and how they can enhance your vaping experience!

Batteries: You may not consider batteries to be accessories, but they are both necessities and accessories. One is never enough! Get a few to have some variety, plus it’s so important to have an extra one to use when one of them is charging.

Atomizers: Ranging from basic to high-capacity, they come in different sizes and allow you to fill them up as needed with e-liquid. Each of our different models has compatible atomizers, check them out! These are especially useful when mixing your own flavor blends!

Refillable Cartridges: Do you use the VaporFi Express?  If so, the refillable cartridges are the bomb. Prefilled cartridges are fine, but these are able to be filled with custom blends or whatever flavor you choose.

Chargers: Starter kits typically come with a couple of them, but depending on the model you use, there is an assortment of available options to keep your batteries fully charged. Make life simple and have a few of these ready to go! In the car, at the office and at home, wherever you are, you never need to be without a charger.

Atomizer Heads: These allow you to have the best vapor and the freshest flavors. They are replaceable, usually sold in packs of 5, and they add to the performance of your vaporizer. Give them a try!

Cases: Kinda your best friend when it comes to vaping. They have been made specifically for your vaping gear, and they are made to protect it all. They allow you to be as organized as possible, and you’ll always know where your stuff is, and that it’s safe.

Lanyards: Wear these around your neck with your e-cig! When you want to vape, there will be no fumbling in pockets or bags; just reach down and grab it!

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