VaporFi Diacetyl Free E-LiquidsWhile the world is still talking about e-cigarettes and their link to popcorn lung… This news story broke earlier this week, discussing a study done by Harvard University, supposedly linking the usage of electronic cigarettes to the dangerous lung disease, popcorn lung, also known as bronchiolitis obliterans. News outlets are still focusing on the “study,” reporting what seems to be an incessant trail of ill-performed research, and expecting the world to believe it.

And unfortunately, many have. Non-vapers throughout the country have become alarmed at the headlines, instantly convinced of the woes electronic smoking devices supposedly entail. Because most non-vapers have no experience in this area, they are quick to believe the hype. And vapers, who instantly can shoot down such reports as incomplete, are left to defend the industry, pointing out all the ways this study has failed.

The study concentrated on the occurrence of three substances that are sometimes used in e-liquid ingredients: acetoin, pentanedione, and diacetyl. What they found was that these substances are linked to causing popcorn lung, when inhaled over a long period of time. This aspect of the study however, was not new news at all; it has been commonly known throughout the industry, common knowledge to anyone interested in brushing the subject lightly, that some e-liquids contain these substances, particularly diacetyl. And many brands have been committed from the start to steering clear.

VaporFi, and all International Vapor Group (our parent company) brands have been committed to not using these dangerous components in our liquids. We pride ourselves in offering what we staunchly believe are e-liquids of the highest caliber because we’ve perfected them to that level. We are committed wholeheartedly to research and development, and always creating products we feel will more than exceed our pickiest consumers’ desires. We’ve discussed diacetyl and popcorn lung a variety of times in the past; so have most major vape brands out there.

Bottom line is that if news outlets were actually committed to quality and honest reporting, they’d do a thorough job relaying facts; not sensationalist spin. Serious e-cigarette brands and serious vapers know better; and this is about options, alternatives, and giving users more than what tobacco offered. It’s a damn shame people are willing to attempt to shut it down in an effort to just get some attention and cause an uproar.