VaporFi Pet Safety Tips
Today is National Dog Day, and we want to send a shout out to everyone who loves a dog, has rescued a dog, and has ever held a special place in their hearts for a dog. Because dogs are awesome, loyal, and some of the best friends you could ever have. And, in honor of our furry friends, let’s take a moment to talk about smoking, and why using electronic cigarettes is the better way to go if you have a dog (or cat, or parrot, or rabbit, or any pet for that matter). If you are among one of the lucky millions who has a dog as a companion, remember that your smoking affects not only yourself!

Think second-hand smoke is an occurrence that will only be troublesome around grumpy humans? Think again. Just like it is atrociously dangerous to adult people, children, those with breathing issues, and hypochondriacs, cigarette smoke is harmful to pets as well, from a variety of different points. If you smoke indoors, you are fuming a lesser-ventilated space with smoke, which even after it dissipates, leaves behind toxins locked in the residual tar, accumulating on walls, floors, carpets, curtains, couches, and your pet. Yes, the tar can actually settle on their fur, and when they lick themselves clean, it goes – you guessed it – right into their system. So, in addition to having breathed in your foul second-hand smoke, where the tar is most likely accumulating in their lungs, it’s now hitting them from another angle. Not exactly pleasant, is it?

Dogs are also especially sensitive to cigarette smoke because many breeds are susceptible to allergic dermatitis, which is an uncomfortable skin condition characterized by inflamed and itchy skin. In addition to this, dogs are at an increased risk of nasal and lung cancers.

Tobacco smoke is not something dogs, or any pets for that matter should be exposed to. However, keep in mind that nicotine is also a danger, so even if you have switched to electronic cigarettes, be sure to always keep all nicotine liquids far out of the reach of your pets. If you are still smoking cigarettes (for shame!), be sure to always keep cigarette butts away from them as well because these can prove toxic and fatal, as a choking or blockage hazard. Plus the added nicotine and carcinogens contained within them can be dangerous as well.

Oh a more pleasant note, happy National Dog Day, everyone! If you have a dog or love a dog, give them a big ‘ol hug today, and celebrate the incredible amounts of love they give unconditionally! And, if you need a reason to switch to alternative smoking, remember that your furry friends are a great one!