VaporFi St. Patrick's Day Vaping Supplies SaleReady to get lucky today? Because we love you and a good reason to get all festive, until 11:59 PM tonight, a slew of our best-selling green products are on sale at 25% off! Here are some of these fabulous items:

If you are going out, as most cities in America put on some pretty rowdy parties, we encourage you to bring your vape pens to keep totally satisfied, because what goes better with beer than hella good vapor? If you’re up for being totally festive, grab a color-coordinating green Pro vaporizer to accessorize with! It’ll match your shamrock hat and glasses perfectly!

If you need some signature flavors to capture the moment, we strongly urge you to give our Blend of the Month for March a go. This one is Irish Coffee e-liquid, and it was obviously created to honor March’s most fun and celebratory holiday. And, because we rock, this delectable blend is priced at 25% off for the whole month! If you like your coffee sweet, creamy, and with a searing bite from a shot of whiskey, this flavor will make you melt! It is the perfect flavor to vape with your actual Irish-style coffee, a pint of green beer, or as you throw back the whiskey.

So, we wish you a super happy St. Patty’s Day from VaporFi! Yes, today may be better known as “annual wear green day,” but it goes further than that! It is also about talking with your favorite, overused Irish slang, blasting the bagpipe Celtic tunes, drinking green beer, dining on corned beef and cabbage, hitting your local Irish pub for a good time, and making some great memories! Considering this nation’s immense Irish heritage, (approximately 10% of the American population has some Irish ancestry!) St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun time to tip our hats to our Irish roots!