As the vaping industry earns major attention on the national stage, there are a number of lawmakers and public health advocates that are fueling discussions about the importance of keeping vape products out of the hands of teens – and what measures can be taken to avoid America’s youth from underage vaping. Though most federal officials, public health experts, and vaping industry advocates agree that underage vaping is something that should be tackled with all seriousness, there have been disagreements about how exactly that goal should be achieved.

Recent Measures Taken to Reduce Underage Vaping

The Federal Drug Administration has previously partnered with leading vape companies to learn more about how vape products may or may not appeal to teens and has also begun leading vaping prevention efforts that target millions of young people across the country.

However, recent discussions have turned towards far more drastic measures, particularly with the August 2018 announcement that a bill banning flavored vape juice was potentially on the table. Though many health advocates believe that the bill will help eliminate underage vaping, there are many vape industry leaders who are concerned about the massive effect it could have on adult vapers – including those utilizing vaping as a smoking cessation measure.

What the Proposal Could Mean for US Vapers

Here’s everything you need to know about the proposed bill and how it could affect your vape product purchases:

  • The bill (called “Stopping Appealing Flavors in E-Cigarettes for Kids,” or SAFE Kids), would require vape manufacturers to provide proof that vape juice flavorings aren’t harmful, don’t contribute to teen use of nicotine, and are helpful in adult smoking cessation.
  • If manufacturers are unable to provide this proof, the products in question would be forced to be pulled from the market. This could mean that some or all flavored vape juices would be widely unavailable on the US vape market.
  • SAFE Kids isn’t the first attempt to regulate flavorings in tobacco products. The FDA banned all flavors other than menthol in traditional cigarettes in 2009, while some US cities such as San Francisco have prohibited the sale of all flavored tobacco – including e-liquids.

SAFE Kids: Will the Bill Be Passed?

Although many advocates of the bill feel that SAFE Kids would serve as a way to discourage teen vaping, many legislative experts don’t find it likely that the measure will be passed by Congress. Because it would be considered a trade-restrictive bill, experts say that the Republican-controlled Congress and upcoming midterms may contribute to its downfall. In the unlikely event that the bill does pass, it remains to be seen what specific steps will be taken to establish a regulatory timeline.

Find out what vape users think about the potential flavor ban:
Vape Juice User Data & Research Infographic

The Final Verdict

As the vaping industry grows, the amount and intensity of scrutiny isn’t likely to let up anytime soon – making education and advocacy more important than ever. For many vapers, staying informed and helping to clear up misinformation among family and friends is the best way to help the industry continue to flourish.

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