Some employers are down with their employees vaping in the office, and others are on the fence.

One thing that’s for certain however, is that the more popular e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers get, the more employers are forced to face their many benefits and how they are having a positive impact on the lives of their employees, as well as the many benefits they offer to the workplace as alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

As more and more health officials get on board with vaping technology, we see some work policies shift in favor of e-cigarettes as well. Now that governments are beginning to realize the long-term savings of helping people move off of cigarettes, they are launching widespread smoking cessation campaigns that include allowing e-cigarettes in the workplace. Some of these agencies have also launched educational campaigns to help non-smokers understand the benefits of vaping.

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Vapor & Productivity

One reason many employers have adopted a pro-e-cig policy is that of productivity. Smokers are more likely to get their job done effectively and in a concentrated way if they are not constantly pining to get outside to smoke. Everyone works better when not distracted, and cigarettes can be a huge distraction. When smokers are free to vape at their desks or work stations, they can keep on the task at hand, relieve their cravings, and not have their attention focused elsewhere. For employers, it is always better when you’re paying someone to get a job done and they are actually attuned to it, and getting it done. Therefore, e-cigarettes create a win-win situation in the workplace, for both employers and employees.

Saving Money and Time

As far as employers go, there are numerous reasons to include vaping in your office space. Not only will it save you labor hours by cutting down on the number of unproductive smoke breaks throughout the day, but it also helps reduce the amount of lost time due to smoking-related health issues and the overall cost of health insurance.

Hoping for the Future

According to some experts, letting employees vape in the office will reduce the total number of smokers by up to 25 percent in the next few years. If this is possible, there will be untold benefits to the national expenditures on healthcare and well-being. However, achieving such a drastic reduction in smoking means that the public as a whole needs to be on board with helping smokers quit and making more resources available to them rather than sending them outside.

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Making Office Vaping Fair

One of the biggest concerns among office managers is how to making vaping in the office fair for everybody. Many people are afraid that non-vaping members of the office will find a reason to complain if their work environment is suddenly filled with many scented vapors. The good news is that there are ways to make the work environment fair and comfortable for everybody. Vapers must learn how to behave appropriately in public places with their vaporizers, whether that is the office or a local pub. It is certainly possible to vape normally without blowing huge clouds of vapor at all.

If you must, limit the type of vaporizers to simple e-cigarettes, which are not prone to producing huge clouds in the first place. Also, your vapers know which of their flavors have strong scents and which ones have very mild scents. If you want to keep from producing offensive odors, make sure your vapers are being courteous with their e-liquids and thinking of those around them.

If your employees are in offices where they can easily close the doors, there is virtually no risk of letting them vape in their private space.

The more we work together to make the switch to vaping easy on smokers, the fewer smokers we will encounter day to day. We already know that this will benefit not just those individuals but the entire world as we reduce the amount of time and money we are spending on all smoking-related illness and cessation programs. Also, the fewer older smokers we have, the less smoking we expect to see among our youth.

While some companies have accepted electronic cigarettes as positive, there are many that have gone in the opposite direction and have outright bans on the products. Some choose to consider e-cigarettes as no different than traditional cigarettes, and include them in all non-smoking policies, including bans. Companies such as Walmart, CVS and Starbucks all consider e-cigarettes in the same category as traditional cigarettes, and include them in their no-smoking policies, with Walmart designating them to smoking-only areas, Starbucks prohibiting smoking within 25 feet of any of their locations, and CVS having a zero-tolerance for smoking at any of their locations.

How electronic cigarette alternatives work is simple; it’s a combination of technology and simplifying the ingredients without tobacco, and the success rate and sales have been soaring consistently. Of course, like so many different areas of discussion on the subject of e-cigarettes, only time will tell where the majority of workplaces and employers stand on allowing e-cigarette usage in the office. In the meantime, hopefully more companies will see the many positives to allowing them, and be grateful their employees are moving beyond tobacco, and accept e-cigarettes into the workplace.

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