Every year millions of people declare that they are going to give up smoking as part of their New Year’s resolution.

Unfortunately, the number of adults who are actually successful at reaching this goal is dismally low. This 2018, we are encouraging smokers to take a more practical route by making their resolution to switch to vaping instead. Not only can vaping help you get away from cigarettes more effectively, they can immediately reduce your health risks in the short term as well.

Here are a few tips for making the switch to vapor:

make the switch

Why Switching to Vaping Makes Sense

Vaporizer products were first created to help people wean off of traditional tobacco products by providing a better alternative with fewer chemicals. These devices deliver the needed nicotine hit without all of the extra carcinogens that are created when burning tobacco cigarettes. Vapor products utilize a special liquid nicotine mix that can be flavored to match any preference, and it uses ingredients that are already widely used in the food and medical industries so they are safe for human consumption.

The best part is that these e-liquids come in a range of nicotine strengths so you can easily step down your nicotine intake at a pace that works for you, similar to the way that nicotine patches work. The biggest difference is that these devices are designed to help you break the chemical dependency easily without having to drastically change your daily routine.

You can still take your regular smoke breaks, but instead of smoking you just substitute vaping instead.

Tips for Making the Switch

Even for the most dedicated of quitters, the switch to vapor can be a challenge sometimes. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help make the transition a little easier:

  • First, stick to an e-liquid flavor you know. You will find that there are thousands and thousands of creative and exotic e-liquids on the market, but it is best if you start with a traditional tobacco or menthol flavor that your body is already comfortable with.
  • Second, don’t go too cheap or too expensive. You don’t need the latest 200W advanced vaporizers to succeed, but you also don’t want to go with the cheapest vape pen you can find at your local gas station. You want to start with a trusted brand that has good reviews.
  • Third, consult an expert to determine your nicotine strength. Choosing the wrong nicotine strength can leave you feeling defeated in the early days. Make sure you get it right by asking a pro.

That’s all it takes to make your New Year’s Resolution a success this year by giving up cigarettes and switching to vapor instead!

make the switch