WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Disposable Vapes

Disposable Vapes

It doesn’t get any simpler than a disposable! No filling, charging, cleaning, or maintenance required. Just take a puff, savor the flavor, repeat until empty, throw away, and grab a new one! Whether you want a more portable system for situations where your mod feels out of place, or just prefer for your vape to be barely there, we’re certain we’ve got the perfect disposable system for you! Take a look at the impressive collection of top-quality disposables we’ve assembled right here at VaporFi!
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What are disposable vapes?

In the vaping world, there are non-disposable and disposable vaping devices. Disposable vapes are more compact and easier to use, especially for new vapers.

How do disposable vapes work?

The main parts of a disposable vape are the mouthpiece and battery. The mouthpiece is the component that the user inhales the vapor from. When the user draws on the mouthpiece, the battery (the longer component) sends power to the heating chamber. The e-liquid is heated up and vaporized in the chamber, and is then enjoyed by the user.

How many puffs do you get from a disposable vape?

Here at VaporFi, we pride ourselves on selling superior quality, longer lasting products. We carry premium devices such as the Lush Flow (which lasts for 1500 puffs) and the HITT MAXX V2 (which lasts for 1800 puffs). How quickly these puffs are used up depends on the vaper. Everyone’s style and routine is different, so you’ll have to figure out which device and routine works best for you. As always, the VaporFi team is here to answer any questions you have.

When do I need to replace my disposable vape?

Over time, through standard use, your disposable vape will produce less voluminous vapor with weaker flavor. These are the telltale signs it's time to swap in a fresh device.

What are the pros of disposable vapes?

  • They are highly portable and can fit in the palm of your hand or your pocket.
  • They are exceedingly simple to use and enjoy (no complicated components, potential vape juice leakages, etc)
  • They are small and discreet.
  • Their shape and size makes them more reminiscent of the experience of smoking a cigarette.
  • They are more affordable than the more elaborate devices.

What are the cons of disposable vapes?

  • You have to replace them regularly.
  • They don't produce as powerful a flavor as larger mods.
  • They don't produce as big clouds as larger mods.
  • You can't customize and modify them.
  • You are limited to prepackaged e-liquid flavors rather than being able to blend several flavors yourself.

Are disposable vapes safe?

The devices themselves are generally safe, unlike larger mechanical MODs of the past. Gone are the days when customizable, bulky MODs could potentially catch fire. It's best to make sure whatever disposable device you're purchasing comes packaged to avoid any potentially scammy devices. VaporFi's disposables are vetted and safe.

Can you Bring Disposable Vapes on an Airplane?

Yes, you can bring a vape disposable aboard a plane in your pocket or carry-on luggage. However, just like any other vape, disposable vape pens are not permitted in your checked luggage.

This is because the lithium batteries in disposable vape packs may constitute a fire risk.

It is also crucial to note that while you can bring e-liquid aboard planes, you cannot exceed the 100mL allowance.

Where to Buy Disposable Vapes

VaporFi carries the best and most affordable disposable nicotine vapes out there. At the best prices. From Pachamama to Air Factory, Juice Head, and more, you're sure to find only the cream of the crop disposable e-cigarette brands here at VaporFi. We also offer packs of disposable vapes so you can stock up on a variety of flavors. This disposable vape bundle from Meta Drop is a top seller.

What Disposable Vape Has the Most Hits

Right now, the most epic of the Nicotine vape disposables we have on offer is the Meta Drop Rechargeable Disposable which has an incredible 15mL e-liquid capacity rated to last more than 5000 puffs, wow!

How to Use a Disposable Vape

Using a disposable vape is a piece of cake. They come pre-charged and ready to go out of the box. Simple inhale to operate them. If you've never vaped before here are some basic pointers

  • Gradually draw vapor into your mouth for several seconds
  • Hold the vapor in your closed mouth for 1-2 seconds
  • Open your mouth and breathe in the vapor to your lungs (not a "swallow")
  • Exhale after vapor is in lungs

What kinds of disposable vapes do you sell?

We carry disposable vapes in a variety of delicious flavors, from cool ice, to fruity mango and to dessert tastes and more. We also offer vapes with caffeine to help you power through your day as well as CBD vapes for relaxation. You’re sure to find something at VaporFi that works for you!

How long does 5000 puffs last?

In general, a 5000-puff vape tends to last around 5-6 days. However, this all depends on factors such as frequency of use and size of hits. Every vapor has their own style and references, so how quickly they run through 5000 puff vapes will vary. For a reliable vape rated for up to 5000 puffs, vape veterans and beginners alike should consider the Esco Bar– this device looks great and tastes even better, and is a classic choice by many vapers.

Is a disposable vape better than other vapes?

Disposable vapes have pros and cons over other vapes. Some pros include affordability, ease-of-use, and portability. However, disposable vapes cannot be refilled and are less powerful and customizable than more elaborate pod vapes. As for the top picks in VaporFi's catalog of choices, the Elf Bar has taken the disposable market by storm, and the SMOK brand holds a competitive corner in the market for customizable rigs and hardware.

How many puffs on a vape equal a cigarette?

A standard rule of thumb is that 10 puffs on your vape is comparable to 10 puffs on a traditional cigarette.. However, how vaping compares depends on the strength of your device and how big your puffs are. For a long lasting disposable with plenty of flavors to choose from, vapers should consider the Meta Drop disposable which even includes a tobacco flavor for those really looking for the best cigarette replacement!

Can you overuse a disposable vape?

Yes, if the vapor production is getting very weak or the vape juice is tasting burnt, it is definitely time to replace the device. If you're worried about overuse, make sure to explore options that are built to contain more puffs and last longer, such as the KROS Mini rated at 4000 puffs!

How do you make a disposable vape work after it dies?

The simplest answer for this is simply to purchase a rechargeable disposable device, like many we have on offer here at VaporFi: the Meta Drop disposable pen and the Lost Mary OS5000 make for great entry points for beginners, and are often turned to by vape veterans as well. Both of these devices feature type-c charging so you'll be able to use them to enjoy the full vape juice capacity.

What are the best disposable vape brands?

Some of the most popular disposable vape brands are Elf Bar, Lost Mary, Meta Drop, and Juice Head. These devices offer quality performance, reliability, and amazing flavors and VaporFi is proud to serve each at a great price mark!

Where can I find low nicotine disposable vapes?

The Invy 6000 is a great low nicotine disposable vape option. This device comes in a variety of incredible flavors and contains just 30mg of nicotine. Choose between great