WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Top 10 Vaporfi Vape Juice Recipes

Not sure which e-liquid blend to go with? Here is a list of our fav's for the month!

Vape Juice Recipes

Top e-Juice Vape Recipes

  • American Red Tobacco

    American Red Tobacco

    This classic that tastes of American history also boasts USA made juice in a patriotic blend. One puff and you are transported to a better time where the freedom to smoke anywhere rang strong and people got around by horseback.
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  • Classic Tobacco

    Classic Tobacco

    Our classic tobacco is understated and just that perfect familiar blend. This is the adult flavor for a refined palate that likes a traditional blend. Although having it as vapor will give you the best parts without the smoke, ash or tar. Classic tobacco taste isn't easy to replicate with a vape juice, but you'll hardly tell the difference between this and your old favorite.
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  • Sahara Gold Tobacco

    Sahara Gold Tobacco

    Our Sahara Gold flavor brings out the essence of this aromatic and small leafed ancient tobacco blend. This flavor will have you riding high above the sand to a golden sunset.
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  • Heavenly Clove

    Heavenly Clove

    It's beginning to taste a lot like fall and reminiscent of those clove cigarettes of traditional cigarettes past. Vaping our clove flavor is pure heaven, same holiday like taste with no smoke, ash or tar.
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  • Mighty Menthol

    Mighty Menthol

    That same menthol flavor that you enjoy with your after dinner mints or in your post meal traditional menthol cigarette can be yours without the plastic wrapper, ash or smoke. The mighty menthol magic isn't clouded with smoke, butts and ash…just pure vapor!
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  • Menthol Freeze

    Menthol Freeze

    For a taste so cool that it is almost ice, try our Menthol Freeze. One hit of this juice and you will feel like you can breathe icicles. You may not be able to, but breathing out pure vapor is as nice as ice. This vape juice takes your lungs on a glacial excursion to the peak of minty enjoyment.

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  • Peppermint Party

    Peppermint Party

    Whether you are unwrapping your peppermint candy or inhaling our peppermint e-juice , you will start to relax. Your meal is complete. This is your downtime. Unwind. This candy and this flavor have the pinwheel and spiral effect that will get you very sleepy and almost hypnotized.
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  • Caramel Tobacco (RY4)

    Caramel Tobacco (RY4)

    Confused by this vape juice's name? Don't be! RY flavors mix tobacco and caramel, and they range from 1 to 4. 1 having a stronger tobacco flavor, and 4 having a stronger caramel flavor. Our RY4 artisan vape juice skillfully blends both of these flavors to provide a delectably smooth and sweet caramel vape juice with slight hints of roasted tobacco that add a richness and robustness to its soft caramel base. Don't knock it ‘til you try it – you're going to be amazed at how great this vape juice tastes!
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  • VaporFi Joosy Vape Juice (100ML)

    VaporFi Joosy Vape Juice (100ML)

    Fruity Gum + Strawberry + Kiwi + Watermelon

    Savor the sweet flavor of a fruity gum treat with Joosy by VaporFi. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic wonder of a deliciously juicy gum that will make its way into your e-liquid rotation in no time. Skip the lines at the convenience store and fill your tank with a chewy eruption of strawberries, watermelon and kiwi. A surge of freshly picked strawberries emerges on the front note with sugary sweet finesse. As this amazing vape juice finishes, your tongue will be treated to a ripe watermelon and tangy kiwi exhale with enduring taste. No need to worry that this gum will lose flavor. Put this in your tank and do your taste buds a favor!

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