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Top 10 Vaporfi Vape Juice Recipes

Not sure which e-liquid blend to go with? Here is a list of our fav's for the month!

Vape Juice Recipes

Top e-Juice Vape Recipes

  • Berry Bash Vape Juice (30ML)

    Berry Bash Vape Juice (30ML)

    Strawberry + Blueberry + Raspberry

    One berry is good; three are better! This blend of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry will knock your socks off with its deliciously vibrant taste! There is nothing better than fresh, plump, sun-ripened berries except when you can have that flavor anytime you want with our mixed-to-perfection e-liquid! This is one flavor blend at the top of our list!

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  • Lemon Donut Lover Vape Juice (30ML)

    Lemon Donut Lover Vape Juice (30ML)

    Lemon Zest + Holy Cow! Condensed Milk + Glazed Donut

    If you love the cripsy sweet bite of a bakery fresh donut filled to the brim with gooey lemon filling, you're going to love Lemon Donut Lover vape juice. This perfect match of sugary sweet donut inhale is met with a deep pocket of tart and milky lemon filling. An inhale brings mountains of crispy donuts crashing on the inhale providing a smooth inhalation of sweetness. An exhale of piquant lemon dives through a pool of Holy Cow! Condensed milk emerging as a dessert vaper's delight.

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  • Juicy Fruit Vape Juice (30ML)

    Juicy Fruit Vape Juice (30ML)

    Watermelon + Strawberry

    The ultimate summertime treat, all year long! The pairing of Watermelon Wave with Strawberry is loved for its sweet, clean, juicy flavor that is all about refreshment. It is the perfect pick-me-up, and can make your vapor explode with deliciousness!

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  • Double Apple Hookah Vape Juice (30ML)

    Double Apple Hookah Vape Juice (30ML)

    Green Apple + Apple + Shisha

    Crisp apple overload and rich shisha to bring it back down to earth, this is a flavor to warp your senses in the best possible way! The sweet, tanginess of the apples take the rich Egyptian tobacco flavor to very enjoyable heights.

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  • Scrumptious Pie Vape Juice (30ML)

    Scrumptious Pie Vape Juice (30ML)

    Graham Cracker + Marshmallow + Peanut Butter Cream

    If you're looking for a definitive dessert vape juice, our contest winner John Fader has brought to us a most delicious blend of classic dessert notes. This downright delicious blend contains all the components of a scrumptious pie all blended into one unforgettable e-liquid. An inhale of graham cracker begins this blend with deceptively sweet notes, dousing spice into the crevices of sweetness. An exhale of marshmallow melted together with nutty and smooth peanut butter cream to create all the makings of incredible pie filling.

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  • Melon Berry Razz Vape Juice (30ML)

    Melon Berry Razz Vape Juice (30ML)

    Strawberrylicious + Watermelon Wave + Blue Razzle Berry

    A delicious blend of Strawberry, Watermelon, and Blue Razz creates a mind-altering flavor that is absolutely fruity, and 100% refreshing! Sweet, juicy watermelon balances perfectly with tart berries, and if you're aching for a mouthful of summer's best fruity offerings, it doesn't get better than this!

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  • Tobaccolicious Vape Juice (30ML)

    Tobaccolicious Vape Juice (30ML)

    Tobacco + Vanilla + Caramel

    Tobacco pairs well with tons of flavors, but when it gets topped with Vanilla and Caramel, the result is a sweet yet completely rich flavor! If you dig tobacco, and crave the satisfaction of an indulgent dessert, this blend will satisfy you wholly!

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  • Pot O' Gold Vape Juice (30ML)

    Pot O' Gold Vape Juice (30ML)

    Sahara Gold Tobacco + Dulce De Leche

    Follow the rainbow to a blend that encapsulates the luck of the Irish with Pot O' Gold vape juice! This joyously blended sweet tobacco treat will bring ye taste buds matchless perfection! An inhale of sun-cured Sahara Gold tobacco brings a subtly sweet and aromatic note to the forefront of your tongue. Layers of smooth and rich golden dulce de leche caramel provide the palate an influx of deliciousness for an all day vape you have got to try to believe! Get lucky this St. Patty's day with Pot O' Gold vape juice (30ML)!

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  • Caribbean Escape Vape Juice (30ML)

    Caribbean Escape Vape Juice (30ML)

    Pineapple + Mango + Lemon Zest

    If your taste buds are in need of a bang, let this flavor be the wakeup call! When Island Pineapple, Mango Tango, and Lemon Zest get combined and vaped, the flavor is overwhelmingly delicious! Refreshing, sweet, and balanced with just the right amount of tang, get your vapor going with a taste of the tropics!

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  • Rocco's Pearadise Vape Juice (30ML)

    Rocco's Pearadise Vape Juice (30ML)

    Pear + Lemon + Vanilla

    This blend was created and named after our VaporFi Vapetender Rocco and Rocco knows what's up! If you dig the essence of tree-ripened pears, this flavor will make you melt! It's a delectable creation that satisfies all cravings for a taste that indulges the senses and refreshes! Pear gets lit up with the tang of lemon and mellowed out with rich vanilla; it's seriously the taste of paradise: Rocco's Pearadise!

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