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Top 10 Vaporfi Vape Juice Recipes

Not sure which e-liquid blend to go with? Here is a list of our fav's for the month!

Vape Juice Recipes

Top e-Juice Vape Recipes

  • Berries N Cream Vape Juice (30ML)

    Berries N Cream Vape Juice (30ML)

    strawberrylicious + vanilla bean ice cream

    Celebrate the new year with a classic treat brought to a vape tank near you! Berries N Cream takes the everlasting formula of fresh strawberries and creamy cool ice cream to create the ultimate strawberry ice cream vape juice. An inhale of freshly picked strawberries arrives sparing no attention to delicious taste while opening your palate to the tart side of strawberries. A finish of creamy vanilla bean ice cream fuses with the strawberries whisk your tongue away to delicious nostalgia.
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  • Tobacco Menthol Vape Juice (30ML)

    Tobacco Menthol Vape Juice (30ML)

    American Red Tobacco + Mighty menthol

    Mighty Menthol and American Red Tobacco were so meant to be blended! Two of the most classic and popular flavors are entirely amazing when vaped together. If you love both, and can't choose between ‘em, you no longer have to! Enjoy them together for twice the satisfaction!

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  • Peanut Butter Cookie Vape Juice (30ML)

    Peanut Butter Cookie Vape Juice (30ML)

    Peanut Butter Cream + Belgian Waffle + Graham Cracker

    Kicking off the new year with a delicious surprise you will not be able to stop vaping. Fusing among the most delectable desserts, our contest winner James McGinn has whipped up a tremendous vape juice we've all come to love. An inhale of savory sweet peanut butter arrives with grace blending with syrup laden waffles providing an immediately pleasing flavor note. A flavorful exhale of graham cracker simulates the classic feel of a cookie and combines with the original sugary notes to provide the palate a matchless dessert vape you will love! Be sure to buy a bottle of Peanut Butter Cookie (30ML) today!
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  • Berry Bash Vape Juice (30ML)

    Berry Bash Vape Juice (30ML)

    Strawberry + Blueberry + Raspberry

    One berry is good; three are better! This blend of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry will knock your socks off with its deliciously vibrant taste! There is nothing better than fresh, plump, sun-ripened berries except when you can have that flavor anytime you want with our mixed-to-perfection e-liquid! This is one flavor blend at the top of our list!

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  • Double Apple Hookah Vape Juice (30ML)

    Double Apple Hookah Vape Juice (30ML)

    Green Apple + Apple + Shisha

    Crisp apple overload and rich shisha to bring it back down to earth, this is a flavor to warp your senses in the best possible way! The sweet, tanginess of the apples take the rich Egyptian tobacco flavor to very enjoyable heights.

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  • Fancy Latté Vape Juice (30ML)

    Fancy Latté Vape Juice (30ML)

    Coffee + Vanilla + Hazelnut

    This powerful, rich flavor combo takes you instantly to your favorite café, and it happens to be a deliciously rich blend of flavors! Vanilla and hazelnut take the flavor of Java to new dimensions of mouthwatering goodness… salivating yet?

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  • Juicy Fruit Vape Juice (30ML)

    Juicy Fruit Vape Juice (30ML)

    Watermelon + Strawberry

    The ultimate summertime treat, all year long! The pairing of Watermelon Wave with Strawberry is loved for its sweet, clean, juicy flavor that is all about refreshment. It is the perfect pick-me-up, and can make your vapor explode with deliciousness!

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  • Tobaccolicious Vape Juice (30ML)

    Tobaccolicious Vape Juice (30ML)

    Tobacco + Vanilla + Caramel

    Tobacco pairs well with tons of flavors, but when it gets topped with Vanilla and Caramel, the result is a sweet yet completely rich flavor! If you dig tobacco, and crave the satisfaction of an indulgent dessert, this blend will satisfy you wholly!

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  • Watermelon Chill Vape Juice (30ML)

    Watermelon Chill Vape Juice (30ML)

    Watermelon + Menthol Freeze

    Put a chill on your e-cig flavor with this one! Watermelon + Menthol Freeze will do anything but get you hot and bothered! It's the right amount of refreshing watermelon blended perfectly with the tingly essence of cool menthol. This is a blend that will keep you cool when temperatures heat up!

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  • Mango Menthol Razz Vape Juice (30ML)

    Mango Menthol Razz Vape Juice (30ML)

    Blue Razzle Berry + Mango Tango + Mighty Menthol

    Tart Blue Razz, luscious Mango Tango, and tingly Mighty Menthol get blended together to create an intensely refreshing, super bright flavor that will deliver one awesome sensory experience! This vape is packed with minty undertones, the most delicious fruity accents, and a big smack of menthol.

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