VaporFi Pro 3 Vape Starter Kit (In Colors)

At VaporFi, you’ll always hear us use the phrase, “Make the switch.” By this we mean, let us help you make the switch from regular cigarettes to healthier alternatives, like our electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. To make this transition as seamless as possible for our customers, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest technology this industry has to offer. One staple in our arsenal has always been our Pro Vaporizer. You’ve been with us for 2 versions of this device, and now we are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Pro family, the Pro 3 vaporizer! The VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit offers incredible performance while still maintaining a highly appealing and compact design that’s perfect for any occasion!

Just as with previous versions, the Pro 3 offers a mouth-to-lung vaping experience that provides the closest sensation to a traditional cigarette without the guilt or stench. This performance infused kit consists of the Pro 3 Battery, the Pro 3 Atomizer (2.0 ohm), the Pro 3 Tank, a Micro-USB Cable, and a Pack of Spare O-Rings (4). The all-new VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit looks remarkably stunning. It offers a sleek and classy appearance, while at the same time you gain a sense of durability due to its stainless steel structure. Along with its 100% stainless steel housing, you see its softer side, as the 2.5mL tank is constructed of Pyrex glass. However, the Pro 3 isn’t the top pick on the market just because it’s drenched in appeal and made from quality material, it also has plenty of performance enhancements to back it up, as well as customization features to truly make it your own.


Our new Pro 3 Battery delivers 1000 mAh, meaning you’ll have plenty of time during your vaping sessions, and more time between charges. However, when charges are needed, you can quickly get back to vaping during the charging session with the Pro 3’s Pass-Through feature. Simply use the provided micro-USB cable, plug it into the Pro 3’s micro-USB port, and you’re off and charging, and ready to vape!

VaporFi Pro 3 vaporizer in Purple
VaporFi Pro 3 vaporizer in Purple

Its maximum output wattage of 14 watts is perfectly suited for the 2.0 ohm Pro 3 Atomizer. With the 2.0 ohm Pro 3 Atomizer, you’ll experience an abundant amount of performance, yet still receiving maximum flavor and consistency due to the inclusion of Japanese Organic Cotton and a slew of juice holes stretching the atomizer. This atomizer design ensures that you’re never left with a dry hit or that dreadful burnt taste.

Furthermore, this tank will have you saying your goodbyes to your messy past products, as the Pro 3 Tank has a quick and clean Top-Fill design. And, its “No Spill Coil Swap System” makes replacing your atomizer even easier than before. But, if you’re looking to customize your experience with the all-new Pro 3 Starter Kit, you can due to the Removeable Drip Tip design. Though this revolutionary new tank comes complete with a drip tip, it now allows you to remove and replace it with one of your choice, so you can feel free to get creative with the all-new Pro 3!

VaporFi Pro 3 Vape Tanks in Colors
VaporFi Pro 3 Vape Tanks in Colors.


The Pro 3 battery and tank are available in 8 different colors, giving you the option to really express your own style. We allow you to pick your tank color and battery color individually, which ultimately provides up to 64 different style combinations. With VaporFi and the new Pro 3 Starter Kit, you’ll be able to choose your battery color, your tank color, and even blend your own juice, truly creating your own experience throughout your journey. VaporFi – Think It. Mix It. Vape It.

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