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Wholesale Opportunities

Want to sell VaporFi products?  We’d love to hear from you.

Wholesale Opportunities

VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes Are Now Available For Sale In Your Store!

Wholesale Opportunities

If you’re looking to upgrade your product selection with the highest quality electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and USA e-liquids, contact us now! For e-cigarette enthusiasts, experienced vapers, and vapor hobbyists, our products are the premier line of quality and performance. Our products are fully functional we offer the most advanced e-cigarettes available. Our customer service is consistently rated as #1 across the industry, and it’s not a standard we compromise. Same goes for our business affiliates; we’re into making solid commitments. We consider our products to be the very best, and we want to work with the very best in the business.


VaporFi Express Store-Within-a-Store Program

VaporFi Express

VaporFi Express stores are our “Store-Within-a-Store” concept. These satellite locations are located inside your retail store and carry the most popular VaporFi items and e-liquid blends.

Good looks get noticed... and we look good! VaporFi has the right visual appeal to match the level of excellence in our product; we are a highly visible line. If you are interested in adding a VaporFi Express “Store-Within-a-Store” to your retail location, please contact us for more information... Let's talk!


High Margins And Residual Income

Make Residual Income

The VaporFi Wholesale Program is ready and available to serve all of your electronic cigarette and vaporizer needs. We are equipped to handle any size wholesale orders; starting as low as $1000, to qualified retailers and distributors. Our pricing is extremely competitive, and our profit margins are sure to whet your whistle; ranging from 100% to 400%.

The VaporFi Wholesale Program offers all of our highly advanced electronic cigarette products, including our starter kits and E-liquid refills. Reusable kits are among the best ways to drive customers back to your location because they will regularly need to purchase refill e-liquids. As part of this relationship, we are more than committed to working with you to continue to drive your customers back to your location for future purchases!


Highly Capable And Highly Scalable

Our manufacturing and logistical expertise can service any size relationship, regardless if you are a single retail location or are an international multi-store retail chain. Our financial expertise lies in our strength of being able to meet the wholesale demands of any qualified retailer. While we are committed to VaporFi having a substantial retail presence, we are rather selective in choosing our partners. The commitment has to be mutual, as we are looking for quality retailers and established distributors globally who are ready and able to handle this commitment. Fit your profile? Let’s talk.


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NOTE: If you are not interested in purchasing stock or merchandise, but would like to promote VaporFi on a commission basis, please join our free online affiliate program.

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