WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Advanced Vape MODs

Curious about all the vapor products you've been seeing around? The vapor industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and new technology is being added every day.

Vapor devices have gotten both simpler and more complex at the same time. Plus, there are tons of new vaping concepts being discussed and tested within the community at expos and events around the world.

What are Vape MODs?

Put simply, it's just an advanced personal vaporizer. Originally, all vaping was done with very simple ciga-like products that came pre-set with a certain output and a single button. They had limited functionality and did not adequately suit the needs of the wide range of people trying to convert from smoking.

As a result, people began modifying their vaporizers to change the way they tasted and felt. This included making it possible to swap out e-liquids at will instead of using pre-filled e-juice cartridges, adding temperature control and more.

While many of these were home-brew projects in the early years, today's vape box MOD is a well-developed product created by engineers who have the know-how to make it safe and reliable.

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Why Do You Need a Box Mod?

If you're curious why somebody would choose to buy one instead of a regular electronic cigarette, there are a variety of reasons. As mentioned above, they are far more flexible for the user. Most e-cigarette products come with only 3 to 5 cartridge flavors in a few common strengths. If you don't like the flavors they have, or the nicotine strengths they offer, you have to get a different style.

In addition, many do not deliver enough of a hit to the user, so smokers find themselves feeling unfulfilled by the experience. Vaping products can be adjusted according to your style so that you can get the feel you are looking for.

What are Sub-Ohm MODs?

One of the most popular categories of vaporizers is sub-ohm MODs. These are advanced personal vaporizer that are set up for less than 1 ohm of resistance to the vape coils.

The coils are the part of your vaporizer that are responsible for heating your e-liquid and turning it to vapor. A lower resistance means that the coils heat up faster and stay hotter. This results in much larger, thicker vapor clouds. Generally, the bigger the cloud, the more intense is the flavor.

Sub-ohm products are often used by vapers who are looking for a really strong hit and those that want to participate in vaping competitions or to perform tricks.

What are Temperature Control MODs?

Another popular category is the temperature-control (TC) mod. Similar to sub-ohm types, the TC mod is designed to allow you to adjust the strength of your vapor by adjusting the temperature that you vaporize at. In this case, you are given either a range of pre-set modes to choose from, or you have a screen that allows you to adjust your temperature up and down as you see fit.

Different temperature ranges change the way the flavors of your e-liquid play out and the way you feel the nicotine in your e-liquid. There are also temperature control styles for dry herb vaping, which release different chemicals as the plants react to different temperatures.

TC devices generally appear more complicated due to the addition of extra buttons and screens for making adjustments.

What You Can Do with High Wattage MODs?

High-wattage mods are all the rage. Why? These types give you a much wider range of vaping possibilities. Remember, each e-liquid you try will taste different as you move through several different temperature/wattage settings. Low-wattage styles leave you with a limited window for experimenting. High-wattage mods give you more flexibility with your vaping.

The Convenience of All-In-One Vaporizer Kits

As advanced personal vaporizers have grown in popularity, many additional products have been developed alongside them. This includes tanks, atomizers, alternative coils and 18650 batteries. The result was that vapers had to shop for not just a single machine, but all of these extra components as well.

The all-in-one vaporizer kits simplify things once more. These typically have built-in tanks and atomizers that are easy to swap out. They also usually include built-in batteries with a basic USB charging port so you don't have to have a separate charger plugged in.

These ultra-convenient kits take advantage of the advanced technology used in sub-ohm and TC gear, but they are repackaged it into a smaller, easier-to-carry system.

A Breakdown of Built-In Battery Types

The subject of built-in battery vaporizers is a hotly contested one. Either you love them or you hate them. On the one hand, a built-in battery is simple. The decision is already made for you, so you don't have to source your own batteries, which may or may not be compatible with anything else you own. In addition, the charging cable is usually a simple USB cable so you can recharge from any computer or wall plug with an adapter.

On the other hand, many vapers feel that vape manufacturers choose sub-par batteries for their built-in products. This often means that they come with a battery that has significantly less life than it would otherwise have if you were to source your own. In addition, if the battery is ever damaged, there is a chance that you will have to replace the entire thing, rather than just replacing the batteries. This can be an expensive proposition.

Removable Battery Gear Explained

The world of removable battery products is far more flexible than that of built-in battery mods. Obviously, when you buy your own batteries, the sky's the limit for mAh ratings. Plus, many share the same style of battery, so if you collect different styles you can easily switch between them without having to charge each one independently.

You can also carry a spare set of vaporizer batteries with you on the road so you can swap them out and recharge the old ones while you continue vaping. The lack of down time is a huge plus for this category.

Most of today's advanced TC and sub-ohm products tend to have removable batteries, while the all-in-one and mini types are more likely to have built in batteries.

What's Included With Your Kit?

Today, most vape mods are sold in "starter kits." Despite what the name may suggest, not all starter kits are designed for beginners. Rather, the kit includes everything you need to set it the first time.

This usually means that there is an atomizer of some kind with a couple of coils to get you going. It is still up to you to put the whole thing together and learn to use it properly.

Before You Buy

Before you run out and buy a vaping kit, vaporizers, electronic cigarette or vapor pen, it is important that you are first familiar with how vaping works. Each of these vaporizer mods requires some level of understanding about vaping and e-liquids.

There are many entry-level vaporizers on the market today to get you started. You should seek advice from a knowledgeable expert who can point you in the direction of one that is suited to your needs and skill level. Oftentimes the most popular styles on the market require a special set of tools and knowledge to use safely, such as sub-ohm machines.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into the different types of vaping mods on the market and what you can expect from them. Remember, a vaporizer is no longer an unstable, home-built machine that should be viewed with skepticism. Today, they are professional, reliable vape devices that have been thoroughly tested for performance and safety.

Many manufacturers have entered the scene by creating 100 percent unique styles that deliver a more enjoyable experience than the original e-cigarettes. If you are looking for the perfect one to get started with, VaporFi has a great selection and our friendly suppport team is always available to help you with any questions you may have.