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Electronic Cigarettes

Looking for the very best? Look no further. VaporFi offers 6 different, fully equipped electronic cigarette starter kits. We cater to advanced e-cigarette users, those want to upgrade to a higher level of vaping, and even offer top quality products beginners. If you want satisfaction, we got what you need.

  • VaporFi™ Express Starter Kit

    VaporFi™ Express Starter Kit
    The most convenient way to vape, the Express Rechargeable Starter Kit offers a basic e-cigarette model, created with VaporFi advanced technology.
  • VaporFi™ Air Starter Kit

    VaporFi™ Air Starter Kit

    The Air Starter Kit is the perfect kit for those looking to upgrade to high-powered, high-functioning vaporizers.

  • VaporFi™ Pro Starter Kit

    VaporFi™ Pro Starter Kit
    The Pro Starter Kit is the perfect option for e-smokers who want a truly powerful e-cigarette and those who need to upgrade from ordinary products.
  • VaporFi™ Pro Starter Kit (in Colors)

    VaporFi™ Pro Starter Kit (in Colors)
    The Pro Starter Kit in Color is the perfect option for esmokers who want to make a colorful statement and don't stand for sacrificed performance!
  • VaporFi™ Platinum Pro Kit

    VaporFi™ Platinum Pro Kit
    The Pro Starter Kit is amazing, and this is the deluxe version. An upgrade from the already mind-blowing original, enjoy even greater performance with this one!
  • VaporFi™ Pulse Starter Kit

    VaporFi™ Pulse Starter Kit
    The Pulse starter kit is a built on voracious power, advanced technology, and it’s loaded with features to keep things interesting!

    On Backorder. Ships on 10/31/14

  • VaporFi™ Rocket Starter Kit

    VaporFi™ Rocket Starter Kit

    Ready to experience the Rocket? This kit will definitely rock your world!

  • VaporFi™ Rebel Starter Kit

    VaporFi™ Rebel Starter Kit
    The Rebel turns your fantasies of the ultimate vaporizer into a reality. Power, control, and technology like you've never imagined!
  • VaporFi™ Rebel II Starter Kit

    VaporFi™ Rebel II Starter Kit
    Get ready for the most powerful hitter in the game, the Rebel II is fully loaded!
  • VaporFi™ VOX 50 MOD

    VaporFi™ VOX 50 MOD

    50 watts, adjustable power, and a stunningly designed body; the VOX 50 is the ideal vape device for connoisseurs and newbies.

  • VaporFi™ VOX Starter Kit

    VaporFi™ VOX Starter Kit
    This starter kit is a DIY combo of extremes; both in performance and innovation.
  • VaporFi™ Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

    VaporFi® Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

    Clean design engineered to go the distance, the Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit is how dry herb vaping is supposed to be done!

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