So, you’ve finally cracked open the piggy bank after months of saving and now you’re ready to buy your next great vaporizer. Like most savvy investors, you know that you need to research your options before you run out and spend a pretty penny on the device that you’re going to be using.

The good news is that there are a number of incredible vaporizers out there that will give you plenty of value for your money. How do you know which one is right for you?

Your friends at VaporFi are here to help you sort out the details with this handy guide!

For the All-In-One Crowd

VaporFi’s new VAIO 75W TC mod is their first big entry in the all-in-one scene. This is a perfect entry-level mod if you’re coming from a vape pen or cig-a-like. It offers simple functionality in a package that is already set to give you a great experience.

The built-in tank and battery make is a compact option for those who are worried about lugging around a large vape in a purse or pocket. It also minimizes the need to shop for tons of extra accessories since everything you need is right there. With VaporFi’s classic stainless steel and black finishes, you just decide which atomizers you want to use and they put the whole package together for you.

At $79.99, this is a pretty great value for a 75-watt mod that is capable of all the latest temperature control options. In fact, it is almost futuristic with its LED tank light, oversized screen and super sleek maintenance compartment that allows you to refill the 3.5-milliliter tank with ease. Just like everything VaporFi does, this particular device comes with safety features designed to keep your tank from leaking inside the box and the device out of the reach of kids.

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For the Ultimate Vaper

If you’re an advanced vaper looking for something dependable, the VaporFi VEX is where it’s at. The VEX is VaporFi’s fully customizable vaporizer down to the nuts and bolts. At 150 watts, the VEX was one of the first high-powered mods to really gather support and take off. While some manufacturers have spent all of their time trying to produce something more powerful, VaporFi realized that 150 watts is more than enough if you do it right. That’s why they spent their time focusing on features and performance to make this the best high-end vape you’ll find.

Yet again, VaporFi presents their device in black or stainless steel, but thanks to the popularity of this device, they also offer six different colors of their snug-fit gel case to keep your vape safe in case of drops or spills. With the 0.96-inch screen, the case is a great way to avoid scratches as well.

As part of their high-end line, the VEX has removable batteries so you can choose from either the standard 18650’s or their premium branded version that offer extended battery life. You also get to choose your own tank, and VaporFi made sure it is compatible with all seven of their specialty tanks so you can find one that fits your personal vaping tastes. If you’ve been searching for a true performance-based mod, the Vex is a trusted name all around.

For the Curious Vaper

If you’re starting out on the low-power end of things and you want to start learning about buildable vapes, the VOX is the way to go. At 40 watts, you’ll have more than enough power to get through the average day of vaping without a problem. The VOX itself is designed to be a streamlined version of VaporFi’s powerful VEX line. However, instead of letting you customize all of the accessories and features; the VOX comes with a built-in battery, but allows you to choose your tank.

The benefit to this is that you can still experiment with different tanks and builds, but you will have a rechargeable built-in battery right there through the whole process. This saves you some extra shopping and ensures that as you compare different builds you are working from a consistent battery setup.

The VOX retains nearly all of the same features of the VEX, but in a smaller format. You’ll still have plenty of temperature control range and options for setting up your vape just the way you like. You’ll get to know the menu using the same large screen and straightforward interface that have made VaporFi so popular.

Plus, the VOX comes with an awesome sensing feature that adjusts your vaporizer’s settings to fit the specifications of the coils that you have installed. This guarantees that you’re getting the best flavor and experience possible out of your device.

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For the Traveling Vaper

On the road a lot? Tired of not being able to vape here or there? Sick of carrying your vaporizer in a separate backpack because of its bulky size? VaporFi took at stab at a better solution and came up with the ingenious VOX Mini series. The Vox Mini is a trimmed-down version of the 40-watt Vox that does an incredible job of giving you a portable vaping solution. Again, it includes the crucial difference that makes it a true VOX product as opposed to a VEX device: the built-in battery and components.

The VOX Mini lost much of its size in width and depth, making it much easier to carry in your pocket or in your hand. It is now possible to wrap your hand all the way around the slim body and hit the firing button comfortably. Despite the smaller size it keeps its 40 watts of power just like the original VOX so you will still get the same performance benefits as you vape.

It just so happens that the Vox Mini is compatible with five different tanks, many of which were also designed to fit VaporFi’s slim vape pens, so you won’t be adding a ton of bulk on top either. By reorienting the screen, VaporFi was able to create a product that really serves vapers on the go without compromising on the quality of the construction or the performance of the device itself.

Other Options

Still not sure which one’s right for you? Fear not! VaporFi offers all four of these incredible devices in starter kits. This means that you just choose your accessories from the drop-down menu and VaporFi will make sure that all the pieces are together in one ready-to-assemble format. Your starter kit will also come with an atomizer or two to get you started and a helpful owner’s manual that explains all of the finer points of how to use your device.

In addition, these four devices are only a preview of what VaporFi has to offer. VaporFi has a huge selection of other vape pens and accessories available. Both the Vox and the Vex mods can be purchased with more than one power option so you may decide that 60 or 75 watts is closer to your profile. A quick look through the entire VaporFi catalogue will show you that there are plenty of other devices that may fit your needs at a reasonable price.

Why These Mods are the Best

For years VaporFi has stood out as one of the most reliable companies in the entire vapor industry. This is due, in large part, to their customer service guarantees. By keeping their designs simple and sharing many of the same components, such as the screen design, VaporFi has managed to make devices that hold up well to the test of time. Much of the personalization is focused on actual vaping performance and not just flashy lights or features that don’t add to the true value of what the vaporizer is trying to accomplish.

This also means that VaporFi is routinely able to offer more powerful devices at a better price than their competitors. Nevertheless, the number of customized gel cases and other accessories are still aimed at making your vaporizer your own from head to toe. With the ability to turn any vaporizer into a starter kit, you will be saving money and making your entire shopping process a breeze. What’s not to love?

As you venture forth into the world of vaping and begin shopping for mods, take some time to consider which vape is going to give you the most bang for your buck. You can’t go wrong with any one of these incredible vaporizers, and you can always change things up with a new tank or a mini mod if you need something extra. As you branch out, there will always be new and more advanced features being added to the line for you to take up in the future once you’re comfortable vaping.

To learn more about the entire VaporFi product line, visit our website today and see the full list of vape pens, advanced mods, accessories and more that we have in stock. Don’t forget to pick up one of our popular e-liquids while you’re there!

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