WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Where Does VaporFi Ship?

At VaporFi, we’re proud to deliver all of your favorite vape products to the states that legally allow it. Be sure to check your state’s current laws surrounding vapes and tobacco products before ordering. If you’re still unsure of whether or not you can receive vape products by mail, we encourage you to check with our online zipcode checker tool below. If your zipcode or state is ineligible, sign up for email updates and get notified as soon as your state’s laws change. Customers that live in states where shipping vapes and vape products is illegal may want to look into our brick-and-mortar vape shops.


Enter your zip code to see if we deliver in your area. If your zip code is not available, sign up to be notified as soon as our coverage changes.


VaporFi's Free Shipping Offer

We’ll always strive to make getting each product to you as easy as possible, and free vape shipping can play a huge part in keeping every customer satisfied. VaporFi offers FREE Shipping for orders totaling $75 or more, before taxes and fees. The $5.99 adult signature fee will apply to all orders, including those that qualify for free shipping.



The $5.99 fee assessed by the carrier for an adult’s signature will be shown at checkout and is required for all orders. Requiring an adult signature and an extra fee helps VaporFi and our customers both comply with new laws designed to protect children and regulate sales. No one wants a vape to end up in the wrong hands, causing more damage and unnecessarily putting a child at a higher risk. We urge all of our customers to enjoy our products responsibly, from shop to shipment.


By offering VaporFi clear and up-to-date information, we can prevent more mistakes that occur in the ordering and delivery processes. Make sure to keep your account managed with proper contact information and shipping addresses; if your payment information is separate from your shipping information, we encourage customers to double-check that all information is present and correct before ordering.


As a result of the PACT ACT, USPS no longer permits the shipping of vapor products, liquids or accessories. FEDEX, UPS & DHL have instituted similar restrictions. So, who will ship vape products?

VaporFi now uses an extensive network of carriers for all orders when shipping vapes and vape products, which will allow us to ship to a majority of localities in the USA– so long as it is legal to ship vapes to your state. Additional covered zip codes are being added frequently. This carrier network is unable to deliver to international addresses, P.O. Boxes, military installations, Puerto Rico or Guam at this time.

Order tracking information for your vape delivery can be found in your VaporFi account dashboard or through the tracking code sent with order confirmation. Once an order is processed, VaporFi is unable to make any changes or modifications to the delivery address. Please contact the carrier directly for any delivery issues or if an adult (21+) signature will be unavailable at your location on your scheduled delivery day. By keeping both VaporFi and the carrier(s) updated with the correct information regarding the vape or vape product ordered, we can help guarantee a safe, timely delivery with every order.

Additionally, you will receive an email notification at these points through the delivery process: Shipment Confirmation; Delivery Anticipation: 24-48 Hours before delivery; Missed Delivery if an adult signature is not available at the time of vape delivery, and Delivery Confirmation once your shipment has been delivered. If the carrier is unable to obtain an adult (21+) signature on the first vape product delivery attempt, delivery will be rescheduled for a 2nd attempt on the following business day. If delivery is unsuccessful on the 2nd attempt, your shipment will be held by the carrier for pickup. Please contact the carrier directly to secure your vape delivery. If you do not contact the carrier to make arrangements following the 2nd attempt, your order will be returned to VaporFi and will not be available for redelivery.

Shipping Locations

VaporFi strives to provide customers with the most updated vape shipping information possible: from state-by-state vape delivery laws that are constantly changing to keeping customers informed of their online vape orders, it’s our duty to help customers stay informed and satisfied during the online vape ordering and delivery processes. Because of the ever-changing nature of state vaping laws, it can be difficult to know when and where you’re able to get a vape delivered, if free vape shipping is available to your state, and how long a vape shipment can take.

Our zipcode tracker can help you find out whether or not you’re eligible for online vape delivery– and, consequently, our free vape shipping offer. 

While finding those “vape shops nearby” can be convenient when you’re in a pinch, the wide range of VaporFi’s online selection helps guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for every time. If you don’t live near a brick-and-mortar VaporFi shop, don’t worry– our online catalog carries everything any new or veteran vaper needs to continue growing their cloud game. 


Enter your zip code to see if we deliver in your area. If your zip code is not available, sign up to be notified as soon as our coverage changes.


Shipping Times

All orders [for online vape delivery] will incur 24-48 hours processing time in addition to the shipping times. Orders placed [for vape shipment] after 12pm ET will be processed the following business day. Shipping times will vary from 3-7 business days depending on delivery location. Express or priority delivery [for vape products] is unavailable at this time. Please know that delays experienced by the carriers for reasons of shipping volume, inclement weather or other dependents is the burden of [the] carrier and beyond the control of VaporFi – every effort will be made to expedite your [vape product] delivery as quickly as possible.

If your shipment is not delivered within 10 business days from the time it was placed, please check the tracking information or contact the carrier directly. If you are unable to resolve your issue with the carrier, you may submit an inquiry via our Shipping Agent.

Delivery Confirmation

You agree that any [online vape] delivery confirmation provided by the carrier is deemed sufficient as proof of delivery to you as the credit card holder responsible for this transaction. In the event a return is required, please know that all shipping fees, including the adult signature fee, are non-refundable.

Shipping FAQs

  • What states can vapes be shipped in?
    • Vape shipping laws are constantly changing state-by-state. In order to keep customers informed of whether or not their state is eligible for vapes shipped online, VaporFi encourages shoppers to make use of our zipcode tracker tool. Simply enter your zipcode to find out if vape products can be shipped to you directly, or if you need to find a VaporFi vape shop nearby.
  • What states do we ship to? 
    • We ship to an ever-changing list of states across the U.S., but do not offer vape delivery to territories or military bases. If you’re considering getting a vape delivered directly to your doorstep, make sure to use our zipcode tracker to get an immediate answer regarding your potential vape product shipment. Otherwise, use our store locator to find a vape shop nearby that carries the entire VaporFi selection! 
  • What states banned shipping vapes?
    • While vape shipping laws are constantly changing, here’s a short list of the current states that have a ban on online vape sales: Vermont, Utah, South Dakota, Oregon, New York, Maine, Georgia, Arkansas. Please keep in mind that vape shipment laws change all the time, and make use of our zipcode tracker and email registration tools to stay up-to-date with your eligibility. 
  • Can vapes be delivered to me? 
    • This largely depends on your state’s current laws regarding online vape shipment. If you currently reside in one of the states listed above, or you live in a U.S. territory or military base, you cannot currently get a vape shipped online to your door. However, most states still allow for in-store vape sales, so making use of our store locator can connect you with one of our brick-and-mortar VaporFi shops. We make finding a vape shop nearby easy, and encourage you to visit our physical stores for those times you need assistance on the same day.
  • Who will ship vape products? 
    • Large-scale delivery services like FedEx and UPS have cracked down on the shipment and delivery of vape products; however, VaporFi is proud to work with a network of other carriers that will help deliver vapes right to your door. Simply find out if your zipcode is eligible for vape delivery, place your order, and have an adult (21+) present to sign for the delivery. We encourage our customers to look into our free vape shipping offers if you’ve spent $75 or more before tax! 
  • Can vapes be shipped to Florida? 
    • Yes! Floridians will be relieved to know that VaporFi delivers to Florida; in fact, Florida ranks as one of our highest customer bases. While state laws for online vape shipping are constantly changing, we’re proud to currently offer vape product deliveries all over the Sunshine State. 
  • Can vapes be shipped to California? 
    •  Yes! Vapes and vape products can be delivered to, from, and within California, and VaporFi is proud to offer the best lines of products to help get you the device or accessories you want.
  • Can vapes be shipped to Texas? 
    • Yes! The Lone Star State currently accepts online vape shipments and deliveries. If you live in Texas and are considering purchasing a VaporFi product online, be sure to look into our free vape shipping offers for the best ordering experience possible. 
  • How long does shipping take for vapes? 
    • Online orders for vape deliveries can initially take 1 to 2 days to process, and 3-7 days to ship to your doorstep. This brings the total wait time to 4-9 days. Although it may seem like a long wait, customers can often find better deals online. For those times when you need a product on the same day, we encourage shoppers to use our store locator to find a VaporFi vape shop nearby.
  • Can vape juice get delivered? 
    • Absolutely. As long as your state legally allows vape and vape product delivery, VaporFi is proud and eager to deliver any of our products to your doorstep. Be sure to look into our offers to free vape delivery online by ordering $75 or more worth of products before tax. If you’re not sure if your state allows online vape delivery, use our zipcode tracker tool and sign up for email updates to stay informed about your vape orders. 
  • How can I get a vape delivered? 
    • By ordering vapes for shipment from VaporFi! Our online shop offers a huge range of vapes and vape products that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Make sure your zipcode is eligible for online vape delivery and browse through a wide variety of flavors, devices, and accessories that will make your vape life easier than ever.