WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VaporFi Custom Blends

Red Tobacco

Bold & Full Bodied

American Red Tobacco embodies the time tested tradition of bold tobacco notes with it's full bodied flavor quality and intense aromatic attributes. Our American Red Tobacco flavor contains high quality ingredients that produce a satisfying experience with every draw.

Sourced from authentic Virginia Tobacco, Red Tobacco provides a robust and subtly sweet flavor profile that stands out from first puff to last. Each ounce of liquid is tested for purity and potency ensuring that each bottle is enjoyable to the last drop. The legacy of Red Tobacco leans on it's intense tobacco inhale and enjoyable exhale meant to perfectly emulate a traditional analog cigarette.

I am sure Red Tobacco is always going to be my #1 flavor to vape! ~Susan
VaporFi American Red Tobacco vape juice embodies the tradition of bold tobacco

Menthol Freeze

Cool & Intense

Menthol Freeze is among the most powerfully cool ice flavored vape juices available today. Sourced from the finest Menthol leaves, Menthol Freeze kicks up the cold with expertly selected ingredients to provide a frosty yet subtly sweet Menthol experience. This crowd favorite has stood apart from all other menthol vape juices due to it's expertly blended menthol qualities that cannot be found in any other e-liquid.

Hand picked Menthol Leaves are concentrated into vape friendly form to ensure that every drop of Menthol Freeze is cornered with intense cold menthol pleasure. An inhale of extraordinarily pure cold menthol with a flavor body of sweet mint diving in and out. An exhale of refreshingly pure menthol leaves an after taste and sensation that's hard to describe. The combination of fierce menthol and full bodied ice makes the exemplary vape juice a must try for all menthol fans.

I have tried MANY menthol brands, and this is by far the best!!! ~ AJ
The combination of fierce menthol and full bodied ice makes Menthol Freeze vape juice a must try for all menthol fans.

Classic Tobacco

Mild & Balanced

Classic Tobacco is the ultimate tobacco lovers vape juice with a meticulous selection of ingredients bringing forth a timeless result. Blended with a hand picked fine cut Virginia cut tobacco, Classic Tobacco takes the mild approach to Tobacco liquid with a light yet flavorful result.

Each drop of this mouth watering juice is blended with additional tobacco flavor profiles source from the world's highest regarded tobacco fields. A smooth, mild inhale furnishes a mouth watering tobacco note while a balanced exhale of burley and oriental tobacco notes bring in a unique taste with every puff. This juice is ideal for the smoker looking to venture into smoke free vaping with a familiar mild tobacco flavor profile.

This is hands-down the best vapor liquid I have ever purchased. ~ Benjamin
Classic Tobacco is tested for potency, purity and smooth mild flavor.

Mighty Menthol

Cool, Robust & Sweet

Mighty Menthol takes the best of ice filled flavors and fuses them with robust tobacco ingredients to create one of the greatest menthol flavors available today. Mighty Menthol is fueled by hand sourced ingredients from across the globe.

Each bottle of Mighty Menthol is packed with concentrated menthol leaf with a robust Virginia cut tobacco to create the perfect combination of tobacco and menthol. The inhale of Mighty Menthol produces a vibrant chill of menthol leaves. The might in mighty menthol is in full display with an exhale of robust Virginia cut Tobacco that is supported by an undercurrent of intense Menthol flavor.

Mighty Menthol is a menthol lovers dream!!!! ~ Deborah
Great menthol flavor. Very smooth flavor. No weird aftertastes. Nice cool hit.

Gold Tobacco

Sweet, Peppery & Flavorful

Sahara Gold Tobacco traverses international waters to bring a delectably sweet and flavorful tobacco juice that sets itself apart from common Tobacco juices. Gold Tobacco utilizes carefully sourced ingredients to emulate a flavorful Turkish Tobacco draw with smooth pockets of peppery flavor notes.

A smooth and sweet inhale of Turkish Tobacco arrives with peppery notes of flavorful bliss. An exhale of sweet tobacco trickles out and provides a delicious after taste that will redefine expectations. For those who have long experienced the legacy of Turkish tobacco cigarettes and want to move smoke free vaping, Sahara Gold Tobacco is an ideal choice!

This is genuinely by far the best tobacco flavor I have ever purchased ~ John W
Each bottle is sent through rigorous vetting to ensure potency, purity and authenticity in every drop of liquid.