10367692_513915852043833_8953412467929887353_nWhen vaping becomes more than just an alternative to tobacco smoking, and an option to control the way you enjoy your vape pen, you may become what’s known as a “vaper.”

For some electronic smoking is nothing more than a stepping stone to achieving “nicotine-free status”, yet for others, it becomes much more than that. It takes on the enjoyment of a hobby, giving users more than one level of satisfaction. And the thing with vaporizers is that they offer a whole lot of options, variations, and ways to take the experience beyond basic, enabling vapers to get really creative and tweak things to exactly the specifications they want. And the result is typically pretty awesome!

Keep reading for the different options you have for customizing your VaporFi vape pen!

With 5 basic parts, there are a variety of ways to work with your device. You can obviously use it exactly the way it’s set up from the starter kit, however, once you know about the different ways you can change it up, you most likely will! Here is a look at each individual component you have to work with:

1. The Device

This is the body and the main part of your vaporizer. We carry several different advanced options, and all of our vaporizers are known to please even the most discerning of vapers. We have something to please everyone, and we never disappoint on quality!

2. The Battery

The power source. Whether you want a lot of power or even more power, we’ve got it! More power means more vapor and throat hits you are guaranteed to feel!

3. The Mouthpiece

The tip that the user will puff on, sometimes called “drip tips”. Rubber, steel, plastic, clear, metallic, colored… when it comes to mouthpieces, we’ve got a ton of different ones to play with!

4. The Atomizer

The heating mechanism that heats and vaporizes the e-liquid. These are among the most popular accessories you can use on your vaporizer. They directly have an effect on how vapor is produced, as they are the part that controls the vaporization! If you are looking to tweak your mod, trying different atomizers is a must!

5. The Cartomizer

This is also known as the tank that holds the liquid and atomizer. Tanks come in different styles, different materials, and different sizes. They are a great way to change the look and performance of a device, plus different sizes give more options to suit particular styles of vaping; larger tanks are better for heavy vapers who want to hold more liquid in their vaporizer.

There you have it! Lots of options and custom pieces to suit lots of vapers! And if you are more keen on keeping things simple and low-key, hey, more power to ya!

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