VaporFi Diacetyl-Free E-Liquid

Ever wonder what’s in your e-liquid? Like, besides the obvious PG and VG bases, what else is submerged in that clear suspension? Well, one substance you may or may not have heard of, diacetyl, is sometimes found in certain e-liquids, and it really ins’t the best thing to be breathing into the depths of your lungs. Precisely why we abstain from including this stuff in our e-liquids and e-liquid! (Yes, VaporFi makes only diacetyl-free e-liquids!) Continue reading to learn more about diacetyl, and the reasoning behind our commitment to keeping it out of your body!

Diacetyl is a commonly found chemical in both electronic as well as traditional cigarettes. While there has not been a whole lot of discussion regarding this particular chemical, and the FDA has categorized it as generally safe for consumption, when it is inhaled it has the potential to produce toxic effects.

What exactly is diacetyl? Also flying under the cover of butanedione, it is a soluble organic compound that is created as a byproduct of fermentation. It produces a strong buttery flavor, therefore it is most often used in a variety of substances, such as food and beverages as a substitute butter flavoring. 

Diacetyl has been linked to a specific type of lung disease, known as “popcorn lung,” which has been on record since the year 2000. Because of its highly serious destructive effects, it is an ingredient consumers should exercise caution with and avoid if possible.

What this has to do with vaping is that users should abstain from breathing this chemical into their lungs. While popcorn lung has not been attributed to using electronic cigarettes, especially due to the fact that those vaping with electronic cigarettes are exposed to so little of it, it is enough of a concern that many e-liquid manufacturers are heeding caution and keeping it out of their products.

So breath calmly and enjoy vaping with VaporFi, knowing full and well we have nothing to do with this stuff! All of our e-juice, all single flavors and all 30,000 different blends are all diacetyl-free. When it comes to e-liquids, there are tons of options out there and a lot of different ingredients that can produce super flavors without exposing users to the risk of something a scary as popcorn lung. Besides, fake butter flavor is not really that big of a deal when it comes to the liquids! You’re not missing anything, and if you’re really craving butter, why not have have some toast or a croissant?