Oh vanilla, you get a bad rap. You’re plain. You’re boring. You’re less than exciting. Yeah, we’ve heard the talk before, but for those with more complex palates and the ability to interpret flavor from a multitude of senses, vanilla is anything but lame. Vanilla is rich, yet light; smooth and silky; aromatic and subtle. While there are a flood of vanilla e-liquids available, we have to say, ours is by far the best. Yes, we’re tooting our own horn, but if you have experienced VaporFi’s Very Vanilla, you’ll know exactly what we mean. It covers the spectrum on what vanilla should taste like, and this flavorful creation is far from boring. This week, this sensational flavor is our Deal of the Week, and we invite you to make your life a little more “vanilla.” We promise it will be delicious, and we promise it will be a flavor worth savoring, every time you vape it. Normally priced at $15.99 per 30ml bottle, you get to save $2 this week week while this sumptuous e-liquid flavor is our Deal of the Week!

get very vanilla

Vanilla e-liquid is one of the classics, and many a vaper touts it as their preferred “all day vape.” We spent a long time perfecting this flavor, and it offers up really exceptional clouds when vaped. They are fragrant and light, as this is a milder vape that is quite complex. It is smooth from start to finish, with a really lovely profile of flavors that round out to the perfect vanilla. Some go too sweet with their vanilla e-liquids, bordering on the edge of a “fake” kind of flavor. Some edge on the border of cake-like, which is cool for flavors like birthday cake or pudding, but ours is outright vanilla. Like a pure, rich, flavorful Madagascar bourbon vanilla, with notes of deep sweetness upon its lighter front notes.

As one of our most popular flavors since the beginning, we have to say, Very Vanilla is one of the most popular e-liquids on the market. A time-tested, VaporFi-fan approved flavor that continues to be a favorite among millions all over the world, it just doesn’t get more vanilla than this!

Another aspect we just have to mention is quality. It’s our number one focus, and why when you buy any VaporFi e-liquids, you get consistent, well-made, top quality juices that are made in the USA, always. There are lots of different offerings out there, but with VaporFi you get the best there is – and we say that with full conviction based on our commitment to the highest production standards, and using the very best ingredients. We make our liquids available to a wide array of vapers who want options in terms of their PG/VG ratios with several different levels to please everyone; from beginners to sub ohm vapers. We always seek to offer what our people are after, and the dedication to research is continuously applied to ensure we are offering the very best we possibly can.

So let’s hear it for sensory overload because this week we are offering a fantastically delicious e-liquid flavor at a phenomenal price as our Deal of the Week! Savings are great, and savings on delectably awesome e-juice is even better; seriously, who doesn’t love saving big while grabbing more tasty vape juice? The perfect reason to stock up and keep your personal collection more exciting, we suggest you grab a few bottles of this goodness this week while Very Vanilla E-Liquid is specially priced at $13.99 per bottle! Make your life a little sweeter, a little smoother, and a whole lot more delish with some vanilla, and vape on!

get very vanilla