Let’s face it, most people make decisions based on what benefits them the most.  Choosing between two products tends to rely on weighing out the pros and cons to see which fits your lifestyle best.  In the case of cigarette smoking, many people today are realizing that there are countless benefits of choosing electronic smoking alternative over traditional cigarettes and they are deciding to make the switch to e-cigs.

What, exactly, are these benefits, you ask? Here are four just off the top of our head:

  • Odor – We all know traditional cigarettes leave behind an unpleasant odor that’s nearly impossible to escape.  Isn’t it kind of funny when smokers believe sucking on a breath mint will cover up the smell of smoke?  It’s like trying to mask the smell of a filled garbage truck with a car freshener.  Escape is futile.  Your clothes, your hair, your house, you name it…

    The cause behind that smoking odor is that traditional cigarettes contain tobacco, tar and other chemicals that give off a pungent smell when burned.  With e-cigs, on the other hand, there’s zero smoke. Instead, you are exhaling a vapor that disappears almost instantly and leaves behind no trace!
  • Safety – To light a traditional cigarette, you need a lighter. And although you may feel like you have a pretty good handle on fire safety, an open flame is still dangerous. It’s a regrettable reality that smoking is the leading cause of residential or total fire death in all eight countries with available statistics (including the U.S.). With e-cigs, you can vape safely with no open flame whatsoever.  You pyromaniacs out there will just have to satisfy your fascination somehow else.
  • Health – There is ongoing research in regards to what the long-term health effects of e-cigs truly are.  However, for now we know for a fact that traditional cigarettes cause many illnesses and deaths on daily basis.  In fact, a recent article by WebMD stated that “According to the U.S. Surgeon General, about 480,000 Americans die of smoking related causes each year, but that figure may be closer to 540,000, researchers from the American Cancer Society report.”

    We’ll take our chances with the electronic smoking alterative thank you very much…
  • Cost – Taxes alone can eat a cigarette smoker alive.  So far, e-cigs are not taxed in this way.  In 2009, federal taxes on cigarettes were raised from .39 cents a pack to $1.01 a pack.  On top of that, state taxes increase the cost per pack even more (not including the cost of lighters, ashtrays, transportation, etc.).  Fortunately as an e-cig user, after the initial start-up costs your expenses can be minimal, depending on how much you spend on accessories.  The average e-cig is estimated to be about half the cost of its tobacco counterpart.

These are just a handful of reasons why many people have already made the switch to e-cigs.  Are you considering e-cigs too?  If you are interested in learning more, consider reading 8 Everyday Questions About E-Smoking, Finding the Right E-Cig Flavor and other articles in our learning center.

When you’re ready, shop our advanced e-cigs and start experiencing the benefits of vapor smoking for yourself!