The VaporFi Vox series has changed the game of box mods. Sure, there are plenty of box mods in existence, and lots of different ranges of power, offerings, features, and capabilities, however none are exactly on the same level as those being produced by VaporFi. The focus on quality and attention to detail, in an effort to ensure that the performance and functioning is superior makes the Vox one of the most tested, and high-performing options around when it comes to advanced vaping devices. So, what makes the Vox 60 TC such a show-stopper? Here are some quick specs:

  • A pocket sized box mod with intense capabilities
  • Fires up to 60W with Temperature Control
  • Dual mode temperature handles both Ni200 & Titanium coils
  • Case is constructed of zinc alloy for utmost strength, supreme durability, and is very lightweight
  • 510 connector with floating silver-plated-brass center pin automatically adjusts when atomizers are attached.
  • 2 flush-mounted plus/ minus selector buttons for smooth button-pushing and minimal accidents
  • Flush mounted FIRE button is designed into the case to reduce accidental firing
  • Brilliant OLED screen features indicators for battery capacity, temperature, atomizer resistance, and power setting.
  • Micro USB charge port
  • Battery ventilation ports along the bottom of the device for proper cooling

One of the most awesome things about this starter kit is that in addition to including the Vox 60W TC MOD, it also comes with your choice of tanks between the vBit RDA, the Volt Hybrid Tank, and the VSix Tank. This ability to choose the best accompanying tank makes this starter kit really awesome; nothing like taking your pick, rather than having it chosen for you. And a customized setup will be way more fun than the alternative. Here’s some great info on using this insane little powerhouse of a mod.


Getting started with the Vox 60W TC

*Keep in mind that the battery should be charged fully before first use

To use the Vox 60W TC, the first thing you’re going to have to do is unlock the device before use by pressing the FIRE button 5 times quickly.

Next, attach the atomizer through the 510 connector. Both temperature control or standard coil atomizers are supported, so take your pick!

Atomizers not using temperature control coils can be used right upon connecting, so you can select your wattage settings from there.

However, if you opt to use a temperature control coil, the device will prompt you to select the type of coil being used using the buttons located at the top of the device, whether they are Ni200 or Titanium, based on the coil in your atomizer.

Press the FIRE button to confirm your selection.

Next, you will be prompted to select whether or not the atomizer is new. This is necessary to calibrate the device to the atomizer properly for accurate temperature control. A new atomizer that has never been used, an atomizer with a new coil, or a different atomizer that has never been used with this device all need to be accounted for, so press the + button. If it has been used before and will read a previously set atomizer resistance, press the – button.

When attaching an atomizer for temperature control vaping, it is necessary for the coil to be at room temperature, especially if it has been used recently. If you’ve used it recently, allow the atty to cool down before attaching.

And that sums up the basic setup for the VOX 60 TC MOD. It should be ready for action. Now it’s time to get the settings where you want them. Here’s how:


Power Settings

Wattage will get set wherever you want it, depending on your preferred level of power, and it can be changed using the buttons at the top of the device. It changes in .5 increments, from 7W through 60W, and will halt at either end.


Temperature Settings

Temperature limit is used to determine how hot the coil will get during vaping. Once the device hits maximum temperature, the device will automatically start to decrease it for safety. This may cause it to get too low to work at your preferred power level, and will need to be adjusted accordingly; keep that factor in mind. As much fun as temperature control vaping is, safely using it is necessary.

To adjust temperature, first lock the device by pressing the power button 5 times fast.

Next, press and hold both selector buttons to get to the temperature screen. Then use either selector button to adjust the actual temperature, between 200F and 600F.


Sounds pretty amazing, right? Yeah, the Vox 60W TC is not a pushover on any level, and it packs some major performance abilities. The level of technology occurring with mods these days is out of control! We are pretty certain, once you use it, you’ll never be able to vape with substandard mods again!