Vape shop VaporFi in South MiamiAren’t you grateful for vaping? Hasn’t it brought tremendous positives into your life? Aren’t you thankful you didn’t wait a moment longer before making the switch? How many different, magnificent ways does vaping benefit your life? Hasn’t your life improved greatly since you switched to using vapor cigarettes over traditional? Most vapers have tons to be grateful for when they take a moment to reflect on the great changes that have come their way.

Thanksgiving is coming right up (next week!), so in the spirit of gratitude, here are some of the ways using electronic alternatives benefit the lives of all who make the switch. Feel free to chime in on the comments, letting us know how e-cigs and vaporizers have made your life better!

Saving $: Perhaps everyone’s favorite vaping benefit is how much money they save as a result of it. Who isn’t thankful for more money in their wallets and bank accounts? This is one of the top reasons to switch, and one of the ways to be most thankful.

Clean Living: The smell, the stains, the ash, the butts, the empty packs, the dead lighters, and those nasty freaking burn marks that came as a result of smoking; isn’t it awesome to be living without all of that? We think so too. Most smokers are super thankful for not being smokers anymore in regards to the mess.

Vape pens are hot: We can be grateful for the little things as much as the big ones, and the hot style and great looks of vape pens is definitely something to be grateful for!

Smoking everywhere rocks: Convenience is a big blessing, and being able to smoke everywhere is a wonderful addition to any smoker’s life. Especially since vaping removes the guilt smokers have to deal with, knowing they are adding second hand smoke into the air.

Choices Choices Choices: Be grateful for the options! It’s fantastic being able to have so many choices when it comes to vaping. Accessories, devices and the thousands of flavors!

Tobacco is Lame: being tobacco-free and smoke-free is an incredible benefit to life when you switch to vaping. It’s a major thing to be grateful for, as it contributes only for the better.

So, this holiday season, what are you grateful for? Whether it’s as small as having the sexiest looking customized vape, to being free of the shackles of smoke on a daily basis, vaping adds a world of benefits to life, and they are all worth being thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving 2014!