10414454_541035559331862_2602189648581661744_n-1It’s Labor Day Weekend, and we sure hope you are getting your fill of fun on this last official weekend of the summer! Whether you’re on a getaway, enjoying yourself locally, taking part in beach festivities and BBQ’s, hopefully you are taking full advantage of all the hot labor day sales every retailer in the USA is hosting right now! Because, in addition to the parties, and commemorating the labor force for a job well done, this weekend is all about getting the most bang for your buck!

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When it comes to having a blast in the company of others, when you’re a smoker you know the smoke just doesn’t fly. Sure, it wafts, floats, and eventually dissipates, leaving a trail of odor and tar particles behind, but to most people, nonsmokers and former smokers particularly, the second hand smoke fumes and stink are not welcome. And who wants to be partying it up on Labor Day Weekend creating a smoky nuisance of themselves? Especially when you could be touting a sweet advanced mod, looking all stylish with it in hand, and vaping as you please without being an old-fashioned, obnoxious tobacco smoker.

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