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We know you’re going to be nursing a turkey coma, a holiday hangover, or recovering from something relevant due to the holiday season being in full swing, having survived Thanksgiving! So why brave the crowds, the stores, the malls, the parking lots, and all the other insanity Black Friday usually entails? And with so many companies getting things started the night before, on Thanksgiving itself, how can you even be sure that after all the hysteria and stress, you’ll even score the deals you’re hoping for?

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Also, if you plan on kicking your holiday shopping into gear, whether for every vaper and smoker on your list, or loading up on necessities for yourself, check out the VaporFi Gift Guide; it’s basically all you need to know for purchasing gifts of the electronic cigarette/ vaporizer variety! Hey, we know your time is valuable, so we want to make things as efficient as possible!

So we hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving, enjoy it to the fullest and get ready for the real deal, VaporFi Black Friday shopping extravaganza! It’s gonna be good!