imagesFor what has been a very long, very hot summer, autumn couldn’t come soon enough this year! Don’t get us wrong; summer rocks in so many ways, however it’s definitely time for a change. The cool nights, breezy days, the brilliance of the leaves that will be changing soon, and the impending excitement that will be coming along with the holidays, our engines are really revving for fall!

So, on this first day of autumn (spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere), we are kicking it off by reminding you lovely vapers of all the beautiful things awaiting us as the temperatures start dipping. Happy fall equinox, everyone!

One of the best things about using your e-cigarette vaporizers during the fall is enjoying all the sensory pleasures. Being able to vape, rather than smoke while enjoying outdoor dinners (before it gets too cold), long strolls through the woods, perhaps heading to orchards for apple picking (depending on which part of the country you’re in), and during the fun celebrations that will be going down for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Can you believe the year’s biggest holidays are already on our radar? And you bet they’re much more fun when you’ve got your vapor on hand!

Bringing your vape pen along any of your autumn adventures makes all good time even better. You won’t be driving the nonsmokers nuts with your foul-smelling smoke, nor will you get exiled for trying to have some nicotine among the masses. No, you can have your pleasure without consequence, while savoring the sights, smells, and sensations of the season.

If you want to get festive, grab a few new accessories to bring along on all of your escapades, treat yourself to some delicious new flavored e-liquids, and take pride knowing you’ll be enjoying yourself all the merrier for not smoking cigarettes anymore as you vape as you please!

Autumn is officially here, and we urge you to get outdoors and revel in the season, vaporizer in hand!