Vaping etiquette has been hotly debated for years, and when it comes to the holidays there are even more do’s and don’ts. Here at VaporFi we want to help you make good decisions this year no matter where you’re enjoying the holidays. Make sure you’re staying on the nice list this year with these helpful hints.

Holiday Vaping Tips

Don’t Assume Everyone is Happy to See You Vaping

While you may feel confident in your decision to vape and your knowledge that vaping is healthier for everyone around you than smoking, the truth is that many people still just see a cloud of vapor and assume the worst. The holidays are not a good time to start debating tobacco policies and scientific research. You probably didn’t change anyone’s mind over the Thanksgiving turkey anyways.

Instead, be conscientious of who is around when you’re vaping and try to limit your conversations on the subject to only those people who are genuinely curious about the technology.

Don’t Ruin Everyone’s Appetite

You may be super stoked about being able to vape Fruity Pebbles and chocolate milk together, but your friends and family may not be so enthused to smell those scents filling the room with their holiday feast. Try to take your vape outside or choose vape flavors that won’t offend the senses.

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Don’t Spill the E-Juice

The holidays are a wild time and amid all the activity in the house, setting down a bottle of e-juice could easily end up with the vape juice on the white carpet. Getting e-juice out of carpet isn’t how you want to spend the holiday party.

Keep your e-juice away from carpeted areas, best to refill vape pens in the kitchen where spills can be cleaned up safety and quickly.

Don’t Try to Stealth Your Way Through the Holidays

Many people attempt to stealth-vape in order to sneak a hit here or there. This is problematic in a holiday setting for multiple reasons. The practice is simply deceptive and disrespectful if someone has already asked you not to vape around them.

While you may try to pull it off at the office, you should definitely be respectful of your friends and relatives requests. Instead, ask if it’s OK to vape up front. Honesty is the best policy.

Don’t Pick Battles with Other Vapers

Never assume that other vapers in the room are willing to share their devices with you. Ask before you touch them because, as you know, they invested time and money in their build. Second, don’t spend your time talking down on people who use a different device than you. Vaping is a journey for many people, and it often starts with simple cig-a-likes.

Not everybody has an interest in picking up a 200-watt monster. Instead, offer support for those who are still learning and making the transition.

These five do’s and don’ts are good way to make it through the holidays pain free.

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