VaporFi TanksTanks are part of the whole process of vaping. They connect to the battery or the actual device, and they hold the e-liquid which will get vaporized. When it comes to choosing a tank, it can be a seriously crazy decision! There are just so many options! So, to narrow things down a bit, here are your options, and how to decipher between the two.

Disposable Tank VS Rebuildable Tank

Disposable: A good level of performance, lower cost, but short lifespan. Good for beginners, but you’re going to be swapping these out every 6 months, minimum.

Rebuildable (RBA): Excellent performance, and a hands-on approach to knowing your tank from the inside out. More costly to start out with, however being able to change old parts means these tanks last a long time.

Top Coils VS Bottom Coil

Top Coil: These coils create a hotter vapor, and can enable your atty to last longer. However, a hotter vape means you’ll go through liquid faster, plus burnouts and dry hits can be common.

Bottom Coil: Less occurrences of dry hits, and your atomizer may be more susceptible to wearing down.

Glass Tanks VS Polycarbonate/ Plastic/ Acrylic Tanks

Glass Tanks: Glass always looks nice, however it performs even better! It can handle acidic liquids without cracking, and can handle heavy duty amounts of vapor while having the capacity to offer enhanced airflow. The downside is that glass is breakable if dropped.

Polycarbonate/ Plastic/ Acrylic Tanks: These tanks are often cheaper than glass, and they are more durable in the sense of everyday usage; they most likely won’t break if dropped. However, many times they can get damaged or cracked when used with acidic e-liquids.

Wicks VS Cartomizers

This option tends to be very personal, and some prefer one way over the other, however there are those who like both. We suggest trying both styles, because you’re not going to know which way works better for you unless you try!

Feeling more confident about vape tanks now? Tanks are a huge part of the experience of vaping with a vaporizer or mod, so if you’re wanting to vape with these devices, you’re going to have to use a tank at some point. If you are still unsure, we suggest trying a few different styles and types, and doing some research to see what your own personal preferences are, and what interests you!