Man smoking an e cigarette and blowing vapor out. If you love a certain kind of e-juice, there might be more at play than just what tickles your fancy that particular day. Everyone that understands vaping knows picking out the vape juice you really like makes the whole experience even better. Now there’s new research that’s telling us the standard vape juice you pick can actually tell everyone something about your personality at the same time.

Why not take a trip with us through some of the more popular juice flavors and find out what they say about the personality traits behind the choices? Keep in mind VaporFi has over 30,000 possible flavor combinations so no matter how odd you think your personality might be, we are sure to have a flavor that suits you. Feeling a little unsure? Why not try one of our custom blends, so you can change your mind about how you feel on the fly?

There are those who still ask is e-juice safe and we wonder how anybody could even ask something like that! We suggest trying the watermelon flavored e-Juice that will surely remind you of all those wonderful summers you had as a child and all the great times in the sun that are yet to come. You might not be surprised to find out this vine-like plant is grown in warmer states like Florida, but did you know this great summer treat originally came from Africa? At any rate, it stands to reason that people who really like watermelon flavored e-juice have personalities that are positive and quite cheerful.

Maybe you’re the type of person that likes the idea of the watermelon flavor, but has a real adventurous side and wants to take things a step further. Then why not try an e-juice experience that has a taste of lemon for that little extra jolt to keep you up and running even when you’re out on the town and the time is getting late? Remember that the more exotic flavors you choose, the more outgoing your personality usually is.

Great leaders like Green Apple Vape Juice

Of course there are many other juice flavors you can choose. Make a game with your friends, choosing which flavor is everyone’s favorite and then research what your choices say about who you really are. For example, a green apple flavor might have people thinking that you’re a bit of a sourpuss and someone better left alone, but that’s not necessarily the truth. In fact, this is often the choice of people who are great leaders and organizers, who are generally hard working and reliable but might be prone to the occasional outburst of temper once in awhile.

Making up an e-liquid combination on your own is part of finding out who you are and we really encourage that here at VaporFi. Why not take the time to deduce your own concoction based on how you feel about yourself now or choose one of the top blends we have in stock? Remember our e-liquid flavors can be blended in any way you choose.
Are you starting to wonder how all the work matching the standard vape juice flavors up with people’s personality traits came about? Well, there’s some scientific research that’s been done in the field of food and personality. Dr Alan Hirsch is a US neurologist who is also considered an expert in the field. He did surveyed volunteers and found a link between some personality traits and, believe it or not, junk food. For example, the studies he did found out there was a correlation between the people he looked at who were perfectionists and their love of tortilla chips. Other folks that enjoyed crème crackers seemed to be more introverted.

Blueberry vape juice for chatty people

So, now that we know how some of the research came about, we thought about going back to look at those using the blueberry tinged offering. People who like this flavor might be wondering if e-juice is safe and then use it anyway, as they would because the people who prefer that flavor have been found to be laid back risk takers but at the same time somewhat self-centered. These people are also thought of as chatty and they love to be at the center of a good conversation with close friends and/or family members.

VaporFi wants to make sure you get the complete experience with us and find the flavor that is perfect for you! That’s why we want you to take a good look at our blend of the month club and have a go at putting your own blend together. It’s really the place to get the latest blends before any other customers and try them first.

By now you’re getting a good idea there are as many different vape juice fruit flavors as there are personalities to suit each and every one. However, there are a number of other e-juices you can buy that taste just like a number of other foods and of course, even desserts. That said, no one is really surprised when you tell them they can get chocolate as one of the standard vape juice selections they can choose from.

You’re a little mysterious if you love chocolate and you can add a dramatic flair to the list of personality traits you possess. There’s even an energetic side to your personality although there are those folks who think of you as being a little on the naïve side at the same time.

Traditional vape juice choices

Then there a the more traditional vape juice choices you can make that are just as revealing about the traits you have that make you who you are. For example, classic tobacco vape juice is generally for someone who like things plain and simple. The folks who choose this variety and other similar ones often don’t take a lot of chances. They are not usually the adventurous types although there are some other tobacco e-juices that appeal to more exotic people.

The folks that prefer American Red Tobacco flavor are down to earth but at the same time often look for something a little different to change up the routine. There’s a point when it comes to looking for the standard vape juice that you’ll enjoy and fits in with your personality type where you realize there’s really no rush and no need to make a quick decision since there are many different vape juice flavors to choose from.

Finally, maybe you have the kind of personality that has a little trouble getting up in the morning? Maybe you’re not the most pleasant person to be around at work until you’ve had that morning cup of java to start your day off right? Well, there’s no need to worry if there’s not a cup and saucer full of that rejuvenating brown liquid around when you can vape with Espresso Vape Juice. Your taste buds will get the full and rich experience from this popular vape juice that will soon replace that morning cup in your early routine.

Remember that choosing the e-juice flavor that you really like leads to more than an interesting and enriching experience for the taste buds. You can actually learn something about who you are at the same time.