Custom Vaporizer Builder from VaporFiOne of the best reasons to use a vaporizer is all the different levels of personalization and customization that are available to you, and with our endless assortment of different options you will have no problem creating of vape pens of your dreams, over and over again! We urge you to get creative, get specific, and get cracking with the Custom Vaporizer Builder! We’re sure that once you try this snazzy new feature, you’re not gonna be able to stop with just one!

So here’s the breakdown, the step-by-step method that will guide you to designing your ultimate custom vape pen. It’s super easy, fun, and a great place for beginners to start!

1. Choose your battery (the USB charger will be included). This is the body of your device, and the most important piece. Your choices include the Pro Battery 650 mAh, the Pro Battery 1000 mAh, the Pro
Variable Battery 1000 mAh and the Rocket Variable Battery.

2. Next up, you choose your tank. You’ve got even more choices in tanks than you batteries because the tanks are rather personal. They come in different sizes, colors and materials so finding one that really fits your style is very easy. You can go for basic with the Pro L Clearomizer Tank, kick it up a few notches with the Platinum Clearomizer Tank, or go all out with the Titanium Tank, and even still there are more options!

3. Add additional atomizer heads. Tanks only come with one so grabbing a few more is a great idea. It’s an optional step when building your device but we highly suggest it.

4. Need a wall charger? It’s another great thing to have in your selection, as extra chargers are basically necessities and being able to use a standard wall outlet is always a grand option to have at your disposal. So get the universal wall charging adapter!

5. Confirm your order. After you build your vaporizer, have a good look-see over it, and make sure it fits your fantasy.

And that sums it up! The only thing left to do is wait for your rocking new vaporizer get to you! Customizing rocks and getting exactly what you want in you device can make your experience even more fabulous. Get customizing NOW with the Custom Vaporizer Builder!