The Volt Hybrid TankIntroducing the Volt Hybrid Tank!

Yes, it is about to land! This amazing tank is tank is now on our site availble for preorder, so if you’ve got your eye on tanks that offer blazing options, get your name on this baby ASAP. Quantities are limited, and this thang is a hot one!

So here are the deets on the Volt Hybrid Tank: It’s got a wide array of options. You’ve got the option to build it yourself, or use the pre-made atomizers. The tank is constructed of a Pyrex glass tube and heavy duty stainless steel; you bet it looks as badass as it performs! Included are all the necessary parts for building:

  • 1 Volt Tank (4.5ml)
  • 1 OCC Sub Ohm 0.5Ω / Range 15-30 W
  • 1 OCC 1.2Ω / Range 12-25 W
  • 2 RBA 0.5Ω Coil
  • 1 Japanese Organic Cotton (up to 20 strips)
  • 1 Mini RBA Base
  • 1 Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 1 Screw Driver
  • 2 Screws
  • 1 User Manual

If you are among the building population, your mouth is probably watering!

Rebuildables, or RBA’s as they are more commonly known by, are some of the hottest products in the market currently, as the most advanced users are looking for the most advanced products to match their abilities. Building your device comes with the unique advantage of knowing your device inside and out, literally. It enables you to have the absolute upper hand on everything, as only having intimate knowledge of your device offers. Plus there is the fun-factor; building things is cool. Being able to say “yeah, I built it” when someone starts asking about your sick mod gives you that rather edgy je ne sais quoi only the most  experienced of vapers can boast. Ah vape life, if you aren’t deep in it, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Keep in mind, if you’re a novice, a beginner, a lurking cigarette smoker who has never touched a vaporizer, or any type of vaper who is not a serious expert, please don’t mess with a Rebuildable. They’re crafted for advanced users, and if you don’t know what you’re doing with electronics in the scope of mods, you’re better off not playing around. Not to say you can’t acquire the necessary knowledge to be on your way to being the most badass RBA expert around,  just until you hit that level, steer clear.
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Gianna Del Monte is the Brand Manager at VaporFi. She has been in the vaping industry since June 2015 and has extensive experience in successfully managing and marketing a variety of new vapor product launches. Originally from New Jersey, Gianna has lived in the Miami area for the last 5 years.